I Love You: A Subject-Object Valentine

Why “I love you” is the easiest way ever to remember the difference between subject and object.

Mignon Fogarty
5-minute read
Episode #355

Answers to Practice Sentences

   Subject  Direct Object   Indirect Object
 1.  Sarah  a noodle  Chester
 2.  Lucy  pages  none
 3.  Benson  matches  none
 4.  He  a song  Ursula
 5.  They  a message  him
 6.  Placer  a yellow rose  her
 7.  Trey  funny noises  none
 8.  She  her hair  none
 9.  Laura  the boat  none
 10.  Renaldo  the lollipop  none
 11.  Lilly  none  none

* This Yoda sentence actually uses object-subject-verb order.

Valentine image, daveparker at Flickr, CC BY 2.0


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