Meet the Voice: Grammar Girl

How well do you know Grammar Girl? Learn the history of the podcast, and Mignon's unique approach to language education, in this quick video. 

QDT Editor
1-minute read

Hey, Grammar Girl fans! How well do you know Grammar Girl? Over the past fifteen years, the Grammar Girl podcast has been helping people discover what’s interesting about language. Mignon Fogarty creates memory tricks to help you remember difficult grammar rules and showcases the unique “familects” that listeners use with their families. The archive of more than 800 episodes includes segments on the history of words like “nipperkin” and “grawlix,” interviews with authors, grammar rules and exceptions, and more.

Mignon recently teamed up with Apple Podcasts to talk about what she (and her listeners) love about Grammar Girl. What are your favorite moments, stories, or fun facts from the show? Tell us on Twitter.

Listen to Grammar Girl on Apple Podcasts.

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