Poem: The Curmudgeon

We loved National Poetry Month so much that we're making language poems a regular feature. This week, a curmudgeon asks a wise guru for advice. See what happens next.

Peter C. Harman
1-minute read

Poem: The Curmudgeon


A wise guru’s counsel, a curmudgeon once sought;
He embarked on the journey, wishing a change in his lot;

Help on the way, the curmudgeon wouldn’t seek;
Over others he trampled, both the poor and the meek;

To help one in need, he had not the time;
When one asked for assistance, he’d spare not a dime;

At the wise woman’s feet, our “hero” confessed:
“No one likes me, I’m failing, my life is a mess!”
The guru nodded gravely, and smoothed out her dress,
“Effect a change in your affect—the effect will affect your success.”