Should You Use Words or Numbers for Dates?

Is it "the 27th of December" or "the twenty-seventh of December"?

Mignon Fogarty
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calendar datesPeggy N. asked, “It's the 21st. You have plenty of time. Do I write it that way, or should it be It's the twenty-first?

I like it better written out, but want to be correct.”

Whether you use arabic figures (21st) or words (twenty-first) is a matter of style, so if Peggy is writing it for herself, she can write it out in words if that’s what she likes.

Liking it written out makes her a Chicago Manual of Style type of girl because that’s what Chicago recommends. (1)

The Associated Press’ AP Stylebook, on the other hand, recommends using the arabic figures. (2, 3) Here’s a recent example from a New York Times article: “We’re hoping we’re going to be busy on the 24th, too.”


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Calendar image, The Cleveland Kid at Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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