Sometimes, Some Time, and Sometime

They mean different things. See examples and get the spelling right.

Mignon Fogarty
1-minute read


Want to hate English while feeling dark and moody? Note that these mean different things:

  • sometime

  • some time

  • sometimes

As I'm writing this tip I have the Depeche Mode song "Sometimes" in my head.

"Sometimes" means "now and then" or "occasionally," so when they wrote the lyrics "Sometimes I question everything," they used it properly. Thank goodness! I'd hate my college memories to be tainted by a love of bad usage.

"Sometime" means "at some unspecified time": Let's get dinner and reminisce over Depeche Mode sometime.

"Some time" means "quite a while": I think I'll spend some time listening to that old Depeche Mode tape again.


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