Spelling "Stationery" and "Compliment"

Grammar Girl has memory tricks for remembering the differences.

Mignon Fogarty
1-minute read
Episode #310

This week I have memory tricks to help you remember the spellings of two sets of difficult words.

“Stationery” Versus “Stationary”

The first difficult words are the two spellings of “stationery”—one word is spelled with an “a” and the other one is spelled with an "e." More

"Complement" Versus "Compliment"stationery

The next words are the two spellings of "complement"—again, they’re homophones. One word is spelled with an “i” and the other is spelled with an “e,” and they mean different things. More

Note: I moved the full transcript to two different pages because when I've covered two topics on one page in the past, people had trouble finding the topics later. This isn't a permanent change in the way I'll be presenting transcripts.

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