Synecdoche Examples

Synecdoche is a type of metaphor. This excerpt from The Grammar Devotional explains how to use synecdoche and gives you some examples. I bet you’ve used it without knowing the name.

Mignon Fogarty,

Synecdoche is a specific type of metaphor in which you use part of something to describe all of it:

•         calling a credit card plastic

•         calling sailors hands

•         calling hungry people mouths to feed

•         calling someone who reads your manuscript a second set of eyes

Or it's when you use all of something to describe part of it: saying use your head when you mean use your brain to think.

You find synecdoche when a poet fixates on a physical characteristic of a subject, such as his or her eyes or lips, and in literature when one character will refer to another by a nickname that highlights some part of his or her body:

Here comes "The Mouth" again. Can't we make him stop talking?


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