The Best Way to Celebrate Is by Supporting Teachers

Grammar Girl raised $15K for teachers to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the podcast. Let's keep it going!

Mignon Fogarty
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Visit the Grammar Girl giving page at DonorsChoose to start supporting teacher projects.

I was lucky to have great teachers from kindergarten through college who stoked my love of learning, reading, and writing. Learning something new and sharing it with others fills me with excitement—it makes my day—and I’m lucky again to be able to do that as an actual job through the Grammar Girl podcast, website, newsletter, courses, books, and more. 

Teachers who made a difference

So when it was time to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the podcast, I thought about ways I could give back, and I started thinking about teachers, especially my junior high and high school English teachers who taught me to write and do research (Mrs. Ross), who taught me to tell stories (Mrs. Hukari), and who taught me to love literature (Ms. Wolfe).

A year of intense challenges

I also thought about how much of a struggle the last 18 months have been for classroom teachers. I don’t know a single one who doesn’t get a little horrified shiver or have a disheartening story when you ask about it. But they also all think of their kids first. They miss their kids. They worry about their kids. They want the best for their kids. 

A way to support teachers

That’s why I love a non-profit called DonorsChoose where you can give to projects teachers have created asking for supplies for their classrooms—because I trust teachers to tell me what their students need to succeed.

DonorsChoose has fabulous filters that let you find a teacher in your hometown, a teacher at a school that serves low-income students, a teacher who specifically wants books, and more. Whatever type of classroom project inspires you, you can find it there.

Last week, I set up a matching campaign at DonorsChoose to raise $15,000 for teachers. I announced it in the podcast Thursday night and on social media Friday morning, and much to my surprise, we went through the matching funds by Friday afternoon! We ran through the money much faster than I was told to expect, which means my listeners and followers are amazing. Thank you.

And if this is the first you’re hearing of it, you can still check out my giving page at DonorsChoose where I have highlighted projects I found inspiring. We're still keeping track of the totals, and many projects still need funding.

A goal worth celebrating

Imagine a teacher getting a notification that someone has donated to the project. Imagine a teacher getting a notification that the entire project has funded. 

They’ve had such a bad year, they deserve good surprises.

I can also attest that it feels good to help. So if you need a little boost, sprinkle a few dollars on a teacher's project at http://donorschoose.org/grammar

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