The Dictionary of Difficult Words

"Doppelgänger," "estival," and "funambulist." Jane Solomon shares the story behind her new children's book, "The Dictionary of Difficult Words"

Mignon Fogarty
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Episode #681

You may remember my chat with Jane Solomon about a year ago when we talked about how Dictionary.com had started defining emoji. Well, she’s back today to talk about her new children’s book, "The Dictionary of Difficult Words." 

We talked about the long history of "difficult word" dictionaries in the English language, how she chose the particular difficult words in her book, which letters have the best words, and the specific constraints that dictionary writers often encounter (such as  limited acceptable "defining vocabularies") and the constraints she put upon herself.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the player above or by finding the podcast on any podcasting app, but if you prefer to read it, we also have a complete (rough) transcript.

Image courtesy of Jane Solomon.

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