"Then" Versus "Than"

Almost every week someone asks me to help them remember the difference between "then" and "than." Get the memory trick today.

Mignon Fogarty
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Heather asked about "then" versus "than."

Do you confuse "then" and "than"? Don't worry; you're not alone. I get this question all the time.

"Then" has an element of time. For example, it can mean "next" or "at that time."

  • We ate and then we went to the movies.

  • Movies were a lot cheaper back then.

"Than" conveys a comparison.

  • DVDs are more expensive than videocassettes.

  • Aardvark is taller than Squiggly.

Quick and Dirty Tip:  Both "than" and "comparison" have the letter "a" in them, and "then" and "time" both have the letter "e."


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