Why Is ‘Worcester’ Pronounced ‘Wooster’?

Worcestershire is not the only place name to be like this. “Gloucester” and “Leicester” both also have the “-cester” ending that isn’t pronounced like “cester.”

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Why Are Deviled Eggs Called ‘Deviled’?

Finally, going back to the beginning and thinking about the deviled eggs that I mentioned also made me wonder why we call them “deviled.” Is it like “french fries” where the word “french” means to cut something in long strips and is completely different from the country name? 

Nope. Deviled eggs are about as straightforward as “Worcestershire sauce.” Deviled foods are made with hot, spicy seasonings such as pepper and paprika, and the name is just a nod to the idea that the devil is often associated with fire.

I apologize for losing the name of the person who asked the original question about Worcestershire sauce, but I hope the answer made you happy.

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