You Have a Responsibility to Write Clearly, and We Have Advice on How to Do It

Roy Peter Clark's newest book, "Murder Your Darlings," gave us a great opportunity to chat about life during the pandemic and why writing well is especially important these days.

Mignon Fogarty
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Episode #774
The cover of the book "Murder Your Darlings"
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Journalists have a responsibility for what Roy Peter Clark calls "civic clarity": taking responsibility for what readers, viewers, and listeners know and understand about the world.

Roy Peter Clark has been teaching writing at the Poynter Institute since 1977 and regularly offers up some of the best writing advice I see. Today, we talked about 

  • Writing differently during the pandemic
  • Living up to your duty as a writer to achieve civic clarity
  • Creating his new book, "Murder Your Darlings"
  • Learning that one of his best writing tips (putting the most important part at the end of the sentence) is as old as Roman times
  • Being a putter-inner instead of a taker-outter

Find Roy on Twitter, Poynter Institute, Nieman Storyboard, and Facebook.

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