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Abraham Lincoln is remembered as the President who saved the U.S. Constitution. In this limited series from the Unknown History podcast, guest host Noah Feldman argues that Lincoln didn't save the Constitution at all--he broke it and made it anew. 

Noah Feldman
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Listen to all three episodes of this special miniseries from Unknown History right here or wherever you listen to podcasts, and pick up your copy of The Broken Constitution wherever books or audiobooks are sold. 

This is The Broken Constitution, a miniseries from Unknown History from Quick and Dirty Tips and Deep Background from Pushkin Industries. Below, you can listen to all three episodes of this special miniseries all about Abraham Lincoln. how he needed to break the Constitution in order to remake it. It's all based on the new book The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Refounding of America by Noah Feldman. 

This series answers questions like: 

  • Why was the Constitution before Lincoln's presidency a "compromise Constitution?" 
  • How did Lincoln's attitude toward the Constitution change over the course of his presidency?
  • Why does it benefit us to think of the Constitution as a living document? 

Navigate through the playlist above to listen. Be sure to follow Unknown History on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts for more fascinating history, and if you want to hear more from Noah, check out his podcast Deep Background from Pushkin Industries. On Deep Background, he brings together a cross-section of guests to explore the historical, scientific, legal, and cultural context of today's news.

Want even more? Order The Broken Constitution wherever books or audiobooks are sold.

About the Author

Noah Feldman Unknown History

Noah Feldman is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University as well as a Senior Fellow of the Society of Fellows and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He specializes in constitutional studies, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between law and religion, free speech, constitutional design, and the history of legal theory. He is a contributing writer for Bloomberg View and the host of the podcast Deep Background from Pushkin Industries. He is the author of several books, including The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Refounding of AmericaCool War: The Future of Global Competition; the award winning and acclaimed Scorpions: The Battles and Triumphs of FDR’s Great Justices; The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State; Divided By God: America's Church-State Problem and What We Should Do About It; and After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy.