How FOIL Can Help Your Math Skills

Have you heard of FOIL - not the aluminum kind, but the one that can help you multiply faster? Keep on reading The Math Dude to learn more!

Jason Marshall, PhD
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Episode #229

Challenge Problem SolutionSolution: Challenge Problem

If we split 74 into 70 + 4 and 45 into 40 + 5, the problem 74 • 45 becomes 74 • 45 = (70 + 4) • (40 + 5).

Using FOIL, we get 74 • 45 = (70 • 40) + (70 • 5) + (4 • 40) + (4 • 5.) These are all fairly easy to solve in your head, which means you can quickly calculate

74 • 45 = 2800 + 350 + 160 + 20 = 3330. Done!

Wrap Up

Okay, that’s all the math we have time for today.

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