How to Use Percentages to Easily Calculate Sales Prices

Learn how to use the power of ten percent to quickly and easily calculate how much money a sale will save you.

Jason Marshall, PhD
4-minute read
Episode #13

Brain-Teaser Problem

Next time, we’re going to briefly depart from the world of fractions and percentages to take a peak at the surprisingly beautiful world of mathematical sequences. First we'll do an introduction to mathematical sequences. Then, in particular, we’ll be talking about the famous and fascinating Fibonacci sequence.

Until then, here’s a problem dealing with a quirky aspect of percentages for you to ponder:

Your favorite clothing store starts offering a 20% discount on a shirt you’ve been eyeing. The next week, they announce they’ll be offering a second 20% discount off this discounted price. Upon hearing this, the main competitor of your favorite store announces they’ll be selling the same shirt at a discount of 40% off your favorite store’s original non-sale price. Is one store giving you a better deal than the other?

Think about it, and then look for the explanation in this week’s Math Dude Video Extra! episode on YouTube and Facebook.

Wrap Up

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