What Are Algebraic Expressions?

How can you spot an algebraic expression in the wild? And how can you navigate the stormy seas of translating English phrases into algebraic expressions? Math Dude has the answers!

Jason Marshall, PhD,
April 26, 2013
Episode #151

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The second fix is to use the order of operations—aka, PEMDAS. As you’ll recall from our earlier discussion of PEMDAS, the order of operations is a standard method for determining which parts of an arithmetic or algebra problem need to be solved first. Once you know the rules of PEMDAS, you’ll be able to translate those English phrases into ambiguity-free expressions that are sure to make everybody’s lives easier!

Wrap Up

Okay, that’s all the math we have time for today. If you want to learn more about algebra, please check out my book The Math Dude’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Algebra.

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