What Are Roman Numerals?

Who invented Roman numerals? (The Romans, right?) Where did the idea come from? And why do we still use them today? Keep on reading to learn all about this ancient number system.

Jason Marshall, PhD
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Episode #139

Are Roman Numerals Still Used Today?

But why should you bother learning to read and write these archaic symbols in the first place? Hasn’t this system been abandoned in favor of our modern decimal number system? Well, yes…and no. As I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, Roman numerals still show up all over the place in the modern world. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but from the numbers on the faces of clocks to the inscriptions on monuments, buildings, and bridges; from the page numbers in book introductions to the cryptic years that roll by during movie credits; and from the names of Kings and Queens throughout history to many symbols used in math, science, music, and countless other places, we are surrounded by Roman numerals. And, as such, it makes sense to know exactly what all of those symbols mean!

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