Curious State Discovers Unforgettable Answers Starting March 29th

Quick and Dirty Tips network launches Curious State podcast to discover unforgettable answers to the questions you can't Google.

Doug Fraser
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Can animals break the law? Why do some fonts just feel so good? Can a "friend with benefits" relationship last? Could we have domesticated a T-Rex? Dive into what you didn’t know you needed to know on Curious State with Doug Fraser. Doug is a veteran in the podcast space (NPR’s What We Do) and a perpetual fan of the peculiar. Through his signature interviewing style and immersive sound design, Doug endeavors to answer life’s everyday mysteries, one question at a time. Curious State launches with two episodes on March 29th, 2022, but you can listen to the trailer right now using the player above.

Episodes include a multitude of experts, from renowned authors to celebrity cat experts and mafia trial prosecutors, working with Doug to explore the hows and whys of the world. Each episode is based around a single, offbeat question. Through interviews, research, and conversation, Doug finds himself in the company of unforgettable answers. Which lead to more questions—but that’s half the fun. 

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About the Author

Doug Fraser

If it's peculiar, you can count Doug Fraser in. He's hosted and produced NPR’S What We Do, a Podcast of the Year nominee at the NETA National Public Media Awards. Doug’s days are spent as a freelance podcast producer, filmmaker, educator, and writer.