Should You Store Batteries in the Freezer?

Why do some people store batteries in the freezer? Should you store batteries in the freezer? Ask Science looks into the deep freeze.

Lee Falin, PhD
4-minute read
Episode #38

A few days ago I needed to replace the batteries in an electronic game. So I went to the place where our family has always stored our batteries, the place where every generation of Falin has stored it's batteries for as long as I can remember: the kitchen freezer.

As I was wiping off the thin layer of frost from the batteries’ contacts, my wife asked me why we always kept the batteries in the freezer. At first I was tempted to attribute her lack of knowledge of Falin battery lore to the fact that she had only been part of our frozen battery dynasty for a scant 10 years, hardly long enough to truly appreciate the subtleties of battery storage.

But as I thought about how to answer such a question, I was confronted with a startling realization: I had no idea. Surely years of tradition, an entire dynasty's adherence to the principles of safe battery storage couldn't be wrong! I sighed as I realized there was only one thing to do: I had to find out the truth for myself. Does storing batteries in the freezer really extend their shelf life?


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Lee Falin, PhD

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