Test Gods: Virgin Galactic and the Making of a Modern Astronaut

This week, we're sharing a special excerpt from an audiobook that fans of Ask Science should enjoy. Click the red player below to listen.

Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD
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Whether you want to go to space someday or you just want to know the whole story behind the space tourism race, check out Test Gods wherever audiobooks are sold. 

The Ask Science podcast is on hiatus, but we still want to share science stories we think you'll love. Today, we're sharing a special excerpt from the audiobook Test Gods by Nicholas Schmidle, from our friends at Macmillan Audio.

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Test Gods tells the remarkable story of the test pilots, engineers, and visionaries behind Virgin Galactic’s campaign to build a space tourism company. It's an epic story about extreme bravery and sacrifice, and the thin line between lunacy and genius. Most of all, it is a story about the pursuit of meaning in our lives—and the fulfillment of our dreams.

In this audiobook, you'll follow a handful of characters like Mark Stucky, Virgin’s lead test pilot; Richard Branson, the eccentric billionaire funding the venture; Mike Moses, the grounded, unflappable president; and Mike Alsbury, the test pilot killed in a fatal crash. All characters share a common goal: to make space tourism a reality.

Click the red audio player above to listen to the excerpt. If you enjoy it and want to hear more, you can get your copy today here or wherever books or audiobooks are sold.

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Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD

Dr Sabrina Stierwalt earned a Ph.D. in Astronomy & Astrophysics from Cornell University and is now a Professor of Physics at Occidental College.