6 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day 2021

National Book Lovers Day is August 9th. How are you celebrating? 

Jon Woods
3-minute read

For most of us readers, books have given us joy and pleasure from a young age. We immersed ourselves into their engaging storylines and followed the protagonists and antagonists on their journeys. Books hold the power to transport us to any place, time and culture. They provide us with words of kindness as kids, and teach us lessons that stay with us for a lifetime. If these are some of the reasons you love reading, then celebrating National Book Lovers Day is the perfect occasion for you to enjoy!

What is National Book Lovers Day, you may ask? Well, it’s a day to celebrate all book lovers and bookworms who have a strong interest in reading. It allows you to pick up a book (or three) and read to your heart’s content for the whole day. National Book Lovers Day is celebrated every year on the 9th of August. We celebrate this day because books hold a special place in our hearts, and we should appreciate the roles that books have in our lives.

If you want to celebrate this special day as a Book Lover yourself, but are unsure of how you can mark the occasion, we’ve got you covered. Here are six fun ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day.

1. Organize a book exchange

What is the best way to share your love of reading with others, and get family and friends involved too? By organizing a book exchange! This is a nice way for you and those close to you to have the chance to read something different than your usual reads. In doing so, you are broadening your mind to new things and different storytelling perspectives. Once you finish, you can each take turns sharing your thoughts on the books.

2. Reading to children

Do you have any children, younger siblings, nieces, or nephews? If the answer is yes, then you can use Book Lovers Day to read their favorite children’s books. If not, you can also volunteer at a local child center to read to them. Not only can you read to them, but you can also perform, bringing the characters and their world to life. It will be a fun experience for both you and the children to actively engage in, and will help kids to start reading from a young age.

3. Host a book club

Grab a couple of your friends who love reading just as much as you do and organize a book club. Book clubs can help to promote your love for literature in a safe and friendly environment. It can be at any location: the library, your house or even outdoors in a picnic setting. Use this day to bond with your friends over the chosen book and express your thoughts and feelings on it.

4. Go to the library

There is nothing like celebrating National Book Lovers Day by walking down rows and rows of books and running your fingers across the beautiful spines of multiple stories you have either read or are yet to discover. Utilize your time in the library by finding a comfy spot to sit and indulge in the world of literature. Who knows what books you might find?

5. Treat yourself to a new book

Take inspiration from Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation, and turn Book Lovers Day into 'Treat Yo'Self Day.' Go out and treat yourself to a brand-new book! Although you can borrow books for free, sometimes it is nice to buy a book or two for yourself. You can fully appreciate and care for it, and it would help open yourself to a brand-new book genre and world of writing.

6. Plan a National Book Lovers party

Celebrate this special day with a bang by hosting a party. Invite all your friends and family (if it is safe to do so in your area) and dress like your favorite literary character. This would be the perfect way to showcase your love for reading by becoming the characters from your chosen book. You can give the winner of the best costume a gift card to any bookstore to buy themselves a new book.

Books are a book lover’s dearest friend and confidant. They offer you the chance to escape the real world and transport you into the literary world of the characters. Use the 9th of August to give your phone a break and pick up a good book and read the whole day away. The great thing about National Book Lovers Day is that you don’t have to celebrate alone. Books bring together a community of bookworms to bond over their love of books, letting you know that you are not alone.

How you chose to celebrate National Book Lovers Day is entirely up to you. Surround yourself with friends, family and of course, books!