Which Generation Reads the Most?

Do boomers read more than millennials? Or is it the other way around? This infographic reveals some surprising statistics about the reading habits of different age groups.

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I find it almost impossible to imagine a world without books. But have you ever wondered how reading habits and preferences differ across different age groups? Are the younger, tech-obsessed generations reading as much as older generations?

A new infographic by Best By The Numbers dove right into this topic. They compared the reading habits of the five generations: Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, baby boomers, and the silent generation.

Which generation reads the most? That mantle belongs to millennials, with 80 percent having read a book in the last 12 months. That's a higher percentage than any other generation. Millennials are also most likely to visit a library.

Despite the onslaught of new technologies like e-readers and e-reading apps, all generations prefer reading physical books to digital ones. While 65 percent of adults in the United States have read a print book over the last year, only 28 percent have read an e-book.

And here's something fun—French readers like to read sexy books. (OK, given France's reputation for romance, maybe this isn’t a huge surprise). More eye-opening is that French baby boomers are more likely to read those steamy books than their millennial counterparts. Perhaps the French know how to age well!

For more insights into the different reading habits of the five generations, have a look at the fascinating infographic below.

BTN Infographic