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    Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD
    Why do apples turn brown? Could Jurassic Park really happen? I'll help you make sense of the science in your everyday life and give you the skills to solve the next science question that comes your way.

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About Sabrina Stierwalt, PhD

When not writing and recording podcasts for the Everyday Einstein show, Dr. Sabrina Stierwalt is an extragalactic astrophysicist at the California Institute of Technology and Adjunct Faculty at the University of Virginia. She studies star formation and gas kinematics in interacting galaxies to better understand how galaxies form and evolve. She travels all over the world to observe the sky with world-class telescopes in Australia, India, Chile, and even on top of volcanoes in Hawaii. 

Before moving to Los Angeles, Sabrina received her PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Cornell University. Sabrina earned a B.A. in Physics and Astronomy from UC Berkeley where she first got hooked on coding and astronomy research. Sabrina also enjoys long runs and spending time with her partner Andrew, their daughter, and their crazy dog.

Everyday Einstein is here to help you make sense of science. Dr. Sabrina Stierwalt will give you tips to help you to navigate the science in your everyday life and to understand everything from basic principles to the latest breaking science news. She will give you the knowledge of all things scientific that will help you impress your friends at parties as well as your inquisitive children.

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