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Blog post September 16, 2021 When to Use a Comma Before 'Because'
Episode 841 September 16, 2021 Which Parts of 'Pirate Talk' Are Authentic and Which Come from Disney?
Blog post September 9, 2021 Should You Capitalize 'Delta Variant'?
Episode 840 September 9, 2021 Is 'Very Unique' Wrong?
Blog post September 3, 2021 When to Capitalize 'Earth'
Blog post September 3, 2021 How to Pronounce 'Short-Lived'
Episode 839 September 2, 2021 Why We Say 'Buck Naked' and Other Naked Idioms
Episode 197 August 26, 2021 'Where' Versus 'In Which'
Episode 838 August 26, 2021 The History and Meaning of the word 'Honeymoon'
Blog post August 19, 2021 Starting a Sentence With 'However': Right or Wrong?
Episode 837 August 19, 2021 What Does Dutch Courage Mean? And 10 Other Weird Words for Alcohol
Episode 836 August 13, 2021 How Storytelling Makes a Difference
Book August 10, 2021 Grammar Quirks: Charlotte Nicole Davis on the Importance of Recognizing AAVE
Episode August 5, 2021 Commas with Adjectives
Episode 835 August 5, 2021 What's the Opposite of Deja Vu?
Episode 834 July 29, 2021 The Best Stories from 15 Years of Grammar Girl
Blog post July 26, 2021 The Best Way to Celebrate Is by Supporting Teachers
Episode 833 July 22, 2021 'Stationery' Versus 'Stationary'
Blog post July 22, 2021 Mispronunciation: Why You Should Stop Correcting People’s Mistakes
Book July 22, 2021 Grammar Quirks: W. Stone Cotter on Writers Who Are Cynical About Writing
Blog post July 15, 2021 What Is the Meaning of 'Bupkis'?
Episode 832 July 15, 2021 'Fish' or 'Fishes'?
Book July 13, 2021 Grammar Quirks: Sara Fujimura on Writing Bicultural Characters
Episode 831 July 8, 2021 'If' Versus 'Whether'
Blog post July 8, 2021 Why Do We Say 'The Exception That Proves the Rule'?