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Episode 745 December 2, 2019 'More Than' Vs. 'Over'—Why the Associated Press Changed Its Stance
Episode 744 November 28, 2019 What Does ‘Cold Turkey’ Mean? Plus the Meaning of 5 Other ‘Turkey’ Phrases
Episode 743 November 25, 2019 How to Get Your Characters Right (Especially When They Aren't Like You)
Episode 742 November 21, 2019 The Internet Makes It Easier (and Harder) to Find Original Sources
Blog post November 21, 2019 Is the C in Words Like 'Scent' a Silent Letter?
Episode 741 November 18, 2019 A Peek Behind the Scenes in Publishing
Episode 740 November 15, 2019 Single Quotation Marks Versus Double Quotation Marks
Blog post November 14, 2019 What Is ‘House Style’?
Blog post November 11, 2019 ‘Filthy Lucre’: Where Do We Get This Term for ‘Dirty Money’
Episode 739 November 11, 2019 How to Show Sarcasm in Text
Book November 9, 2019 Grammar Quirks: Bourne Morris on Her Dislike of Fancy Words
Episode 738 November 7, 2019 Can a Boy Raised by Wolves Learn to Speak Human Language? It Depends.
Episode 737 November 4, 2019 Curtis Chen: Using NaNoWriMo to Kickstart Your Novel
Episode 736 October 31, 2019 10 Ghastly Words for Ghosts
Blog post October 31, 2019 What Is a ‘Quid pro Quo’?
Blog post October 31, 2019 4 Tips for Tackling Midterm Essays
Episode 735 October 28, 2019 Dave Itzkoff on Writing a Biography of Robin Williams
Episode 734 October 24, 2019 Ghost Words
Episode 733 October 21, 2019 Why People Hate Words Like 'Moist'
Blog post October 17, 2019 ‘Rebut’ or ‘Refute’?
Episode 732 October 17, 2019 How to Write a Conclusion
Book October 15, 2019 Grammar Quirks: Heather Morris on 'Love' and 'Redundant'
Book October 15, 2019 Grammar Quirks: Augusten Burroughs With a New Take on 'Love'
Blog post October 15, 2019 Do You Use ‘On’ With Days and Dates?
Episode 731 October 14, 2019 3 Rules to Help You With Compound Possession