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Pull Idioms: Pull the Plug, Pull Your Weight, and More 23-Feb-2018 Episode #609
Lasagna, Casserole, and other Food Names from Pots and Pans 23-Feb-2018  
How Many Prepositions Can You Use in a Row? 16-Feb-2018 Episode #608
What Does 'Dilly Dilly' Mean? 16-Feb-2018  
Use 'Tom Swifty' Jokes to Teach Adverbs 12-Feb-2018  
3 Brainstorming Techniques to Help You Craft the Perfect Essay 9-Feb-2018 Episode #607
What is 'Synesis'? A Reason to Ignore Prepositional Phrases 9-Feb-2018  
New Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary—Again! 2-Feb-2018 Episode #606
‘Phony’ Comes from ‘Fawney,’ but It’s Not Related to the Word ‘Fawn’ 2-Feb-2018  
Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms 26-Jan-2018 Episode #605
‘Lectern,’ ‘Podium,’ or ‘Dais’: What's the Difference? 26-Jan-2018  
'Data Is' or 'Data Are'? 19-Jan-2018 Episode #604
What is the Origin of 'Gerrymandering'? 19-Jan-2018  
2017 Words of the Year 12-Jan-2018 Episode #603
Janus Words: "Sanction" and "Cleave" 5-Jan-2018 Episode #602
'Canon' or 'Cannon'? 5-Jan-2018  
Omitting 'That' 29-Dec-2017 Episode #601
'Based In' or 'Based Out Of'? 29-Dec-2017  
5 Sports Idioms: From 'Jump the Gun' to 'Slam Dunk' 22-Dec-2017 Episode #600
How to Pronounce Caramel 22-Dec-2017  
Delicious English Words (Chocolate, Guacamole) with Aztec Roots 15-Dec-2017 Episode #599
Origins of the Phrase 'Lock, Stock, and Barrel' 15-Dec-2017  
Is 'Gifting' A Word? 8-Dec-2017 Episode #598
'Take a Decision' or 'Make a Decision'? 8-Dec-2017  
Eskimo Words for Snow 30-Nov-2017 Episode #597
Make a Promise to Your Future Book 30-Nov-2017  
How to Write a Case Study 30-Nov-2017  
The Origin of Black Friday and Other Black Days 23-Nov-2017 Episode #596
‘Publishing House,’ ‘House Style,’ and More. Why Are Businesses ‘Houses’? 23-Nov-2017  
10 Surprising Pilgrim Names 22-Nov-2017  
English "Side" Words 17-Nov-2017 Episode #595
What Is A Bailiwick? 17-Nov-2017  
Why Smart People Struggle with Shakespeare Too 10-Nov-2017 Episode #594
What Is the Plural of ‘Batman’? 10-Nov-2017  
What Is the Proto-Indo-European Language? 3-Nov-2017 Episode #593
4+ ‘Skeleton’ Idioms: Skeleton in the Closet, Skeleton Key, and More 27-Oct-2017 Episode #592
‘Sofa’ or ‘Couch’? 27-Oct-2017  
‘Cannot,’ ‘Can Not,’ or ‘Can’t’: What’s the Difference? 20-Oct-2017  
24+ 'Dead' Idioms: Dead Ringer, Dead in the Water, and More 20-Oct-2017 Episode #591
How to Write an Apology (and Avoid Non-Apologies) 13-Oct-2017 Episode #590
How to Write an Analytical Essay in 4 Easy Steps 11-Oct-2017  
Apostrophes: Ruth’s Chris and Carl's Jr. 6-Oct-2017  
Placeholder Names: Thingamajigs, Doohickeys, and Whatchamacallits 6-Oct-2017 Episode #589
'Expresso' or 'Espresso' 29-Sept-2017  
6 Phrases Using the Number 6 29-Sept-2017 Episode #588
British English and American English: Company, Team, and Band Names 25-Sept-2017  
Quotation Marks with Periods and Commas 22-Sept-2017 Episode #587
Phrases About Rain 21-Sept-2017  
'Bad' or 'Badly'? 15-Sept-2017 Episode #586
4 Little-Known Differences Between British and American English 15-Sept-2017  
"Because," "Due To," "Since," and "As" 8-Sept-2017 Episode #585
When to Use Commas Before Quotations 1-Sept-2017 Episode #584
What Is a Pipe Dream? 1-Sept-2017  
Time Traveler: When Did New Words Appear? 25-August-2017 Episode #583
'Important' or 'Importantly'? 24-August-2017  
Stop Calling Yourself a Grammar Nazi 17-August-2017 Episode #582
How to Use Quotations 17-August-2017  
Why Is ‘Worcester’ Pronounced ‘Wooster’? 10-August-2017 Episode #581
"Rifle" v. "Riffle" 10-August-2017  
How to Write a Compelling Introductory Paragraph 3-August-2017 Episode #580
Singular or Plural Verbs with 'One of The' 3-August-2017  
Is it 'Jury-Rigged' or 'Jerry-Rigged'? 27-July-2017 Episode #579
Phrases from Obsolete Technology 20-July-2017 Episode #578
When to Capitalize Generation Names 13-July-2017 Episode #577
How to Make a Name with "Jr." Possessive 13-July-2017  
'Critique' or 'Criticize'? 7-July-2017  
More Language Games Like Pig Latin 6-July-2017 Episode #576
Gestures Are Handy for Speaking and Thinking 29-June-2017 Episode #575
What Is Elbow Grease? 29-June-2017  
When Do You Capitalize Directions? 29-June-2017  
Commas With Transition Words 22-June-2017 Episode #574
What Is a Double Whammy? 22-June-2017  
What Is a Dad Joke? 15-June-2017 Episode #573
Until, Till, and 'Til 14-June-2017  
What Is a Comma Splice? 9-June-2017 Episode #572
‘Themself’ or ‘Themselves’? 8-June-2017  
Why English Spelling Reform Is Doomed 1-June-2017 Episode #571
'Lego' or 'Legos'? 1-June-2017  
“Burned” Versus “Burnt” 25-May-2017  
The History of English Spelling 25-May-2017 Episode #570
Why Doesn’t 'Explanation' Have an 'I' Like 'Explain'? 18-May-2017  
How to Create a Strong Essay Outline 18-May-2017 Episode #569
How Onomatopoeia and Reduplication Make Weird Words 12-May-2017 Episode #568
'In' or 'Among'? 11-May-2017  
What Is a Harbinger? 04-May-2017  
Is Pig Latin a Real Language? 04-May-2017 Episode #567
What Does It Mean to Be 'Off Your Feed'? 28-April-2017  
How Human Language Is Different From Animal Communication 27-April-2017 Episode #566
Forensic Linguistics 20-April-2017 Episode #565
Preposition or Adverb? 13-April-2017 Episode #564
Gender-Neutral Pronouns: Singular 'They' 07-April-2017 Episode #563
AP Style and Chicago Updates from #ACES2017 31-Mar-2017 Episode #562
AP Stylebook Updates: Singular They' Now Acceptable 24-Mar-2017  
'Between', 'Compared to', and 'Compared With'  23-Mar-2017 Episode #561
Chicago Updates: Stop Capitalizing 'Internet' and Hyphenating 'Email' 23-Mar-2017  
The $10 Million Comma 20-Mar-2017  
3 Tips for Creating Sentences with Punch 16-Mar-2017 Episode #560
What Is the Meaning of 'Devil's Advocate'? 16-Mar-2017  
What Is a Runcible Spoon? 10-Mar-2017 Episode #559
And Then the Murders Began 09-Mar-2017  
How to Define Abbreviations in a Document 09-Mar-2017  
'Attorneys General' or 'Attorney Generals' 04-Mar-2017  
National Grammar Day Haiku Contest Winners 2017 04-Mar-2017  
How to Write Good Survey Questions  03-Mar-2017 Episode #558
2017 National Grammar Day Haiku Contest  23-Feb-2017  
Double Dactyl Poetry 23-Feb-2017 Episode #557
5 Resume Tips for College Seniors 22-Feb-2017  
Always, Never, Usually, Often, Most and More  16-Feb-2017 Episode #556
A Bull in a China Shop 16-Feb-2017  
How to Pronounce 'Tumult' 15-Feb-2017  
International Animal Idioms  9-Feb-2017 Episode #555
Pled or Pleaded 9-Feb-2017  
Toe the Line 8-Feb-2017  
"Which" Vs. "That" 2-Feb-2017 Episode #554
Reluctant or Reticent? 2-Feb-2017  
Not Only But Also 26-Jan-2017  
Citing Podcasts and Websites 19-Jan-2017 Episode #552
Capital vs. Capitol 19-Jan-2017  
4 Ways to Improve Your Writing This Year 12-Jan-2017 Episode #551
Words of the Year, 2016 Edition 12-Jan-2017  
How Badminton Got Its Name 5-Jan-2017 Episode #550
'Enormity' or 'Enormousness'? 5-Jan-2017  
Apostrophes 29-Dec-2016 Episode #549
‘Hone In’ or ‘Home In’? 29-Dec-2016  
4 Ways Good Stories Move Us 22-Dec-2016 Episode #548
Why We Call It a 'Cummerbund' 21-Dec-2016  
How to Write Great Dialogue 15-Dec-2016 Episode #547
"A While" Versus "Awhile" 15-Dec-2016  
Why the Phrase “If Not” Is Ambiguous 8-Dec-2016 Episode #546
Anxious or Eager? 8-Dec-2016  
9 Books to Give Your Favorite Language Lover 5-Dec-2016  
5 Gift Books for Children Who Love Language 3-Dec-2016  
Limber Up Because English Is Flexible 1-Dec-2016 Episode #545
What Does it Mean to 'Read the Riot Act'? 1-Dec-2016  
How Should We Pronounce Foreign Words? 24-Nov-2016 Episode #544
How to Pronounce 'Biopic' 17-Nov-2016 Episode #543
Where is 'By the Way Side'? 17-Nov-2016  
How to Craft Strong Voice 10-Nov-2016 Episode #542
'Aloud' or 'Out Loud'? 10-Nov-2016  
9 New Fall Books for People Who Love Words, Language, and Writing 4-Nov-2016  
Foreign Language Syndrome 3-Nov-2016 Episode #541
'Prior To' Versus 'Before' 3-Nov-2016  
How to Peer Edit an Essay 27-Oct-2016 Episode #540
'Calendar' as a Verb 27-Oct-2016  
Cemetery Versus Graveyard 25-Oct-2016  
I.e. Versus E.g. 20-Oct-2016 Episode #539
Capitalizing Job Titles 20-Oct-2016  
Sentence Diagramming 20-Oct-2016  
'Alum' versus 'Alumni' 14-Oct-2016  
Words from Bookmaking 14-Oct-2016 Episode #538
Beyond the Pale 13-Oct-2016  
'Further' versus 'Farther' 6-Oct-2016 Episode #537
Straight From the Horse's Mouth 6-Oct-2016  
Hit the Bestseller List: How to Style Your Words Like a Bestselling Author 29-Sept-2016 Episode #536
Syllable Acronyms: Why HoCo Means Homecoming 29-Sept-2016  
Canceled or Cancelled? 29-Sept-2016  
How to Write a Good Topic Sentence 22-Sept-2016 Episode #535
Anyway or Anyways? 21-Sept-2016  
What is Pay Dirt? 16-Sept-2016  
When to Use- and Not Use- an Em-Dash 15-Sept-2016 Episode #534
Why It's Bridget Jones's (not Jones') Baby 15-Sept-2016  
Don't Take Prepositions So Literally! 8-Sept-2016 Episode #533
Short Shrift 8-Sept-2016  
How to Pronounce ‘Etcetera’ 8-Sept-2016  
Evaluative Phrases: You Wazzock! 1-Sept-2016 Episode #532
'Loose' or 'Lose'? 1-Sept-2016  
Origin of ‘Loose as a Goose’ 1-Sept-2016  
Writing Dual POVs 25-Aug-2016 Episode #531
Horse Operas, Soap Operas, and Space Operas 25-Aug-2016  
Idioms from the Forest: The Meaning of to Weasel, to Ferret, and to Badger 19-Aug-2016  
Who Versus Whom 18-Aug-2016 Episode #530
Is ‘Preorder’ Redundant? 18-Aug-2016  
Hanged Versus Hung 15-Aug-2016  
6 English Words with Incognito Latin Origins 11-Aug-2016 Episode #529
What Does 'Batten Down the Hatches' Mean? 11-Aug-2016  
5 Types of Fallacies You Don't Realize You're Using in Your Writing 5-August-2016 Episode #528
Order of Adjectives 4-August-2016  
Why Are Some Words Homophones? Alveolar Flapping! 29-July-2016 Episode #527
'Lit' or 'Lighted'? 28-July-2016  
What Does 'Malarkey' Mean? 28-July-2016  
'Inflammable' Means 'Flammable' 22-July-2016  
Third Person Limited (and More) 22-July-2016 Episode #526
7 Surprising Places We Got Phrases About Food 15-July-2016 Episode #525
'Affective' or 'Effective'? 14-July-2016  
Affect Versus Effect 8-July-2016 Episode #524
How to Pronounce "The" 5-July-2016  
Sightseeing Versus Siteseeing 1-July-2016  
On Accident Versus by Accident 1-July-2016 Episode #523
Grammar Girl Is Being Inducted into the Academy of Podasters Hall of Fame 30-June-2016  
Weltschmerztwittersucht: A Word to Describe Obsessing Over News on Twitter 24-June-2016  
What Does Jury Rigged Mean? 24-June-2016  
English in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Asia 24-June-2016 Episode #522
Hearty or Hardy? 23-June-2016  
Is Redundancy OK in a Radio Script? 17-June-2016  
Is "Funnest" a Word? 17-June-2016 Episode #521
How to Pronounce Adirondack 16-June-2016  
Woman Versus Female 13-June-2016 Episode #520
Are Band Names Singular or Plural? 9-June-2016  
'Principal' or 'Principle' 3-June-2016 Episode #519
How to Make 'RBI' Plural? 2-June-16  
What's the Origin of 'Run-of-the-Mill'? 2-June-16  
Grammar Girl on Jeopardy 1-June-16  
Vonnegut's Famous Semicolon Advice Was Taken Out of Context 26-May-16 Episode #518
Off the Cuff 26-May-16  
Are You Interurban? 26-May-16  
Do Your Readers a Favor: Cut 'It' Out  19-May-16 Episode #517
Why Is It Called Commencement  19-May-16  
'Between' Versus 'Amongst' 12-May-16 Episode #516
Centigrade or Celsius  12-May-16  
'Among' or 'Amongst' 11-May-16  
How to Make Product Names Plural  5-May-16 Episode #515
'Home Versus Away' or 'Away Versus Home' 5-May-16  
New Words in the 2016 Merriam-Webster Update 29-April-16 Episode #514 
One Fell Swoop  28-April-16  
What's a Brouhaha 27-April-16  
Subjunctive Verbs  22-April-16 Episode #513
North or Northbound  21-April-16  
2016 Updates to the AP Stylebook  14-April-16 Episode #512
Into Thin Air  14-April-16  
Titled or Entitled? 14-April-16  
How Joseph Pulitzer Pronounced His Name  7-April-16 Episode #511
How Navajo Codes Helped the Allies Win World War II 7-April-16  
AP Will No Longer Capitalize 'Internet' and 'Web' 2-April-16  
How Aphasia Causes Difficulty Speaking  31-March-16 Episode #510
How S-Backing Causes People to Pronounce 'Street' as 'Schtreet' 24-March-16 Episode #509
When Celebrities Gossip About Their Spouses'...Grammar?  24-March-16  
Freelance Story Ideas 18-March-16 Episode #508
Winning Haiku  17-March-16  
Needs Washed  10-March-16 Episode #507
Paddy Versus Patty  10-March-16  
Watch Grammar Girl on the Today Show  8-March-16  
Which Celebrities Have the Best Grammar? 4-March-16  
What Is a Subordinate Clause  4-March-16 Episode #506
Who is Your Celebrity Grammar Match? 3-March-16  
16 #Academic Oscars Tweets That Will Make You Nod in Recognition  29-February-16  
3 Tricks to Improve Your Vocabulary  25-February-16 Episode #505
How to Pronounce 'Pepys' 25-February-16  
Maudlin Definition  25-February-16  
Idioms About Tea 18-February-16 Episode #504
'Shined' or 'Shone' 19-February-16  
What is a Canard? 11-February-16 Episode #503
'Straw Man' Origin 11-February-16  
What is a Strawman Argument? 4-February-16 Episode #502
Word Families 28-January-16 Episode #501
What Is a Caucus? 28-January-16  
Top 10 Grammar Girl Podcast Episodes 21-January-16  
How to Write a Letter of Recommendation 21-January-16 Episode #500
Singular 'They' Had Its Day 14-January-16 Episode #499
Currant  or Current? 14-January-16  
Writing Dates  7-January-16 Episode #498
Plural of Mongoose  7-January-16  
The 7 Best Books Grammar Girl Read in 2015  7-January-16  
Should You Capitalize 'the Force' from Star Wars? 31-December-15 Episode #497
Plural of Hippopotamus 24-December-15 Episode #496
Misusing "So" and "Very" 17-December-15 Episode #495
Is 'Pair' Singular or Plural? 17-December-15  
Even Keel 17-December-15  
Forensic Linguistics 10-December-15 Episode #494
What Does ‘In Cold Blood’ Mean? 10-December-15  
Color Idioms 3-December-15 Episode #493
Hoofs or Hooves? 3-December-15  
What Is the Meaning of 'Blue Blood' (and Other 'Blue' Phrases)? 27-November-15 Episode #492
Kith and Kin 25-November-15  
Should You Capitalize 'Social Media'? 19-November-15  
Formatting Internal Dialogue: Quotation Marks or Italics? 19-November-15 Episode #491
How to Format URLs in Text 13-November-15 Episode #490
Dialogue Tags 6-November-15  
How to Write a Fight Scene 5-November-15 Episode #489
Dialog or Dialogue? 5-November-15  
How to Write a Bestseller Even If You Failed English Class 29-October-15  
When to Use an Apostrophe 29-October-15 Episode #488
Up or Down the Garden Path? 29-October-15  
Why Is There an Apostrophe in “Hallowe’en”? 28-October-15  
What Does It Mean to Run Roughshod? 23-October-15  
Wolf Down’ or ‘Woof Down’? 22-October-15  
The Interrobang 22-October-15 Episode #487
'Suffragette,' 'Editrix,' 'Actress,' and Other Gender-Specific Nouns 15-October-15 Episode #486
Is 'Ginormous' a Word? 15-October-15  
What Does 'Leeway' Mean? 9-October-15  
Exclamation Points 8-October-15 Episode #485
‘First’ or ‘Firstly’? 8-October-15  
'Mantel' or 'Mantle'? 2-October-15  
How to Format a Bulleted List (and More) 1-October-15 Episode #484
Sort, Kind, or Type? 24-September-15 Episode #483
Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms 24-September-15  
How to Use Commas: A Summary 21-September-15  
Why It’s Easier for Children to Become Bilingual 17-September-15 Episode #482
'Amused' Versus 'Bemused' 17-September-15  

The Positive 'Anymore'

And/Or 16-September-15 Episode #481
4 Much-Needed New Words to Describe Money and Business Matters  10-September-15  
Crocodile Versus Alligator 4-September-15  
Diminutives 3-September-15 Episode #480
Matriculate 3-September-15  
3 Tips for Mastering Email at Work 1-September-15  
How People Play Scrabble in Different Parts of the World  28-August-15 Episode #479
Avoid These 4 Common Persuasive Writing Mistakes 26-August-15  
Fictional Versus Fictitious 21-August-15  
Why English Has Words with Silent Letters 21-August-15 Episode #478
Adult, Adolescent, and Adultery 20-August-15  
7 Pieces of Furniture—Made from Pencils 17-August-15  
How New Words Get Added to the Scrabble Dictionaries (Yes, Dictionaries, Plural) 13-August-15 Episode #477
Prefixes and Suffixes 6-August-15 Episode #476
Modern Malapropisms 6-August-15  
'Zero Percent' or Just 'Zero'? 5-August-15  
13 Cool Products That Look Like Library Due Date Cards 3-August-15  
How Do Words Get in the Dictionary? 31-July-15 Episode #281
Do the Minions Speak a Real Language? 27-July-15  
Comma Law 23-July-15 Episode #475
Numbers in Parentheses 23-July-15  
Last Name Origins 16-July-15 Episode #474
Flesh Out or Flush Out 16-July-15  
What’s a Hat Trick, and Why Do We Call It That? 15-July-15  
How Understanding 'Toy Story' Can Help You Get into College 9-July-15 Episode #473
Left Holding the Bag 9-July-15  
"Ban Together" or "Band Together"? 8-July-15  
"Alright" Versus. "All Right" 6-July-15  
How Do Words Get in the Dictionary? 3-July-15 Episode #281
'Let's Go!' Is Not the Same as 'Let Us Go!' 25-June-15 Episode #472
Newfangled 25-June-15  
What Is the Difference Between 'Citizen' and 'Resident'? 24-June-15  
When Is It OK to Be Redundant? 18-June-15 Episode #471
What Does 'Mind Your P's and Q's' Mean? 18-June-15  
'King-size' or 'King-sized'? 17-June-15  
4 Much-Needed New Words to Describe Money and Business Matters 16-June-15  
Crocodile Versus Alligator 15-June-15  
How Shakespeare Used Prepositions 12-June-15 Episode #470
What Does 'A Treat' Mean in England? 11-June-15  
How Many Spaces After a Colon? 10-June-15  
Are You a Grammar Nerd? 9-June-15  
Crossword Puzzles 4-June-15 Episode #469
What Does 'Squad Goals' Mean? 6-June-15  
The Meaning of Kudos 3-June-15  
Food Names That Are Totally Fake 28-May-15 Episode #468
What is "Tall Poppy Syndrome," and Can I Catch It? 28-May-15  
Congradulations or Congratulations? 27-May-15  
Japanese Words in English 22-May-15 Episode #467
Deep-Seeded or Deep-Seated? 21-May-15  
Lewis Carroll: He Loved to Play with Language 21-May-15  
The Best SAT Essay Ever 15-May-15 Episode #466
Healthy or Healthful? 14-May-15  
What Does Fast and Loose Mean? 13-May-15  
Two Spaces After a Period 8-May-15 Episode #465
Yay, Yea, Yeah, or Yes? 7-May-15  
English Words That Come From Spanish 7-May-15  
Weird Conditionals: If-Clauses That Are Always True 1-May-15 Episode #464
What Is the Meaning of 'Dark Horse'? 30-April-15  
Fiancé or Fiancée? 30-April-15  
Parallel Structure: Patterns Are Pleasing 24-April-15 Episode #463
Follow Suit 23-April-15  
'Most' or 'Almost'? 23-April-15  
Why Do People Say 'Ain't'? 17-April-15 Episode #462
Examples of Eponyms 16-April-15  
Everyday or Every Day? 15-April-15  
How to Write a Sentence [Infographic] 10-April-15  
Excerpt: Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen 10-April-15 Episode #461
Spick and Span? Or Studded with Nails? 09-April-15  
Smitten 08-April-15  
Yoda Grammar 03-April-15 Episode #105
'Systemic' or 'Systematic'? 01-April-15  
Global English: Monthsary, Updation, and Do the Needful 27-Mar-15 Episode #460
Does a Subject in Parentheses Affect Your Verb Choice? 26-Mar-15  
Stand on Line or in Line? 26-Mar-15  
Subject-Verb Agreement 19-Mar-15 Episode #459
Is 'Heighth' a Word? 19-Mar-15  
'Wrong' or 'Wrongly'? 19-Mar-15  
Can You Process These Tricky, but Grammatical, Sentences? 13-Mar-15 Episode #458
Does "E-book" Have a Hyphen? 13-Mar-15  
The Meaning of 'Minion' 13-Mar-15  
'If' Versus 'Whether' 06-March-15 Episode #457
Homey Versus Homely 05-March-15  
Why Does 'At Bay' Mean to Hold Off Something? 05-March-15  
Is Starting a Sentence With 'So' Condescending? 27-Feb-15 Episode #456
The Word 'First' Is Redundant More Often Than You Think 27-Feb-15  
Synecdoche Examples 26-Feb-15  
"Spelled" Versus "Spelt" 19-Feb-15  
Driveway, Parkway, and Dooryard 13-Feb-15 Episode #455
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo 12-Feb-15  
Dreamed or Dreamt? 11-Feb-15  
English: The Dirty Secrets of the Good Old Days 10-Feb-15  
Formatting Titles on Twitter and Facebook 06-Feb-15  
Split Infinitives 06-Feb-15 Episode #454
Samuel Johnson: Life and Quotations 05-Feb-15  
Capitalizing Theories 05-Feb-15  
The Bee's Knees 30-Jan-15  
Less Versus Fewer 30-Jan-15 Episode #453
Capitalizing Age Names, Time Periods, and Centuries 29-Jan-15  
"Compliment" Versus "Complement" 25-Jan-15  
Prepositions: Use and Misuse 23-Jan-15 Episode #452
How 8 Fonts Got Their Names 22-Jan-15  
Do You Need a Comma Before "Jr."? 17-Jan-15  
How Participle Phrases Can Lead to Time Warps 16-Jan-15 Episode #451
Examples of Onomatopoeia 14-Jan-15  
Is Sign Language Universal? 8-Jan-15 Episode #450
Double Possessives 2-Jan-15 Episode #449
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs 31-Dec-14  
How Our Brain Understands Hyperbole 26-Dec-14 Episode #448
2014 Word of the Year: Adulting 25-Dec-14  
Champ or Chomp at the Bit? 25-Dec-14  
The Best Cheap Pens 22-Dec-14  
Capitalizing Disease Names: Why Ebola is Capitalized 18-Dec-14  
What's the Rule About Paragraph Length? 19-Dec-14 Episode #447
Why Did People Stop Saying "Thou"? 12-Dec-14 Episode #446
Kitty-Corner or Catty-Corner? 11-Dec-14  
What Does "Xmas" Really Mean? 11-Dec-14  
Why Do People Say "Like" So Much? 5-Dec-14 Episode #445
Is German Chocolate Cake from Germany? 4-Dec-14  
Is Boughten a Word? 4-Dec-14  
Just Between You and Me 27-Nov-14 Episode #444
Lightning Versus Lightening 27-Nov-14  
Conscience Versus Conscious 26-Nov-14  
How Teddy Bears Got Their Name 26-Nov-14  
Nouns: Concrete, Abstract, Collective, and Compound 20-Nov-14 Episode #443
Done Versus Finished 20-Nov-14  
The Brothers Grimm: Rockstar Linguists 19-Nov-14  
Make Me a Sanchwich: A Joke About Adverbs 14-Nov-14 Episode #442
Is it OK to Pronounce Zero as O? 13-Nov-14  
Based Off Versus Based On 13-Nov-14  
I'm Not So Sure... 10 Words for When You're Hazy on the Details 12-Nov-14  
Mic or Mike? How to Abbreviate Microphone 6-Nov-14 Episode #441
Where We Get the Words Uppercase and Lowercase 6-Nov-14  
"Simple" Versus "Simplistic"  5-Nov-14  
How to Plan a Story 30-Oct-14 Episode #440
Formatting Internal Dialogue: Quotation Marks or Italics? 30-Oct-14  
What Was the First English Novel? 30-Oct-14  
Behave Yourself! 10 Words for Good, Bad, and Indifferent Conduct 24-Oct-14  
40+ Words of Death 23-Oct-14 Episode #439
Text Messaging, the Internet, and Formality 23-Oct-14  
Casket or Coffin? 23-Oct-14  
Why Do People Say Punctuation Out Loud? 16-Oct-14 Episode #438
Don't Use "Who" to Refer to Children? 16-Oct-14  
Vaccine or Vaccination?  16-Oct-14  
What's the Difference Between England, Great Britain, and the UK?  10-Oct-14 Episode #437
Fish or Fishes? 9-Oct-14  
Crab Canon Poetry 9-Oct-14  
The History of the Apostrophe 2-Oct-14 Episode #436
The Story of the First World's Fair: The Great Exhibition 1-Oct-14  
Modal Auxiliary Verbs 25-Sep-14 Episode #435
What Is the Dot over the Letter "i" Called? 25-Sep-14  
10 Verbs with Two Past-Tense Forms That Creeped (or Crept) into English 24-Sep-14  
National Punctuation Day 24-Sep-14  
Ya Shank: The Made-Up Swear Words of "The Maze Runner 19-Sep-14 Episode #434
When You Need Periods After Abbreviations 18-Sep-14  
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Dos and Dont's



Merriam-Webster's Peter Sokolowski Explains How Dictionary Definitions Change Over Time



When to Use a Comma Before 'Because'


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The Relationship Between 'Éminence Grise' and the French Academy

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Fragments 5-Apr-12 Episode #316
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Mary Sue 22-Mar-12 Episode #314
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Should We Abandon Standard Spelling? 9-Feb-12 Episode #308
“Former” or “Latter” 8-Feb-12  
Johannes Gutenberg: Language Rock Star 4-Feb-12  
Periods and Parentheses 31-Jan-12  
Memento vs. Momento 31-Jan-12  
Indefinite Pronouns 26-Jan-12  
Question Tags 26-Jan-12  
Direct and Indirect Quotations 25-Jan-12  
"Specially" Versus "Especially" 24-Jan-12  
“Titled” Versus “Entitled” 24-Jan-12  
"Palette," "Palate," and "Pallet" 23-Jan-12  
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Is "Impact" a Verb? 16-Jan-12  
“The Night Circus”: First, Second, and Third Person 12-Jan-12 Episode #306
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"None Is" or "None Are"? 11-Jan-12  
Hyphens in Compound Words 10-Jan-12  
Until, Till, and 'Til 9-Jan-12  
Do You Capitalize Google as a Verb? 9-Jan-12  
“Kicked Off” Versus “Kickoffed” (Phrasal Verbs) 9-Jan-12  
Plural of Cul-de-Sac 9-Jan-12  
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Make Music with Ujam 16-Dec-11  
Are Your Holiday Cards Grammatically Correct? 13-Dec-11  
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Are High Odds Good or Bad 2-Dec-11  
Active Voice 1-Dec-11 Episode #301
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These Ones 29-Nov-11  
Christmas Carol Grammar 24-Nov-11  
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Formatting Vertical Lists 10-Nov-11 Episode #057
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NYC Grammar Girl Meet-up 4-Nov-11  
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Combining Quotation Marks, Question Marks, AND Commas 2-Nov-11  
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Don't Call This a Superlative Tip 27-Oct-11  
CamelCase 25-Oct-11  
How Do You Make "RBI" Plural? 25-Oct-11  
Why Does "Gadaffi" Have Different Spellings? 21-Oct-11  
Generic Singular Pronouns 20-Oct-11 Episode #029
Myriad Of 19-Oct-11  
“Disk” or “Disc” 19-Oct-11  
Can Cigarettes Possess Something? 18-Oct-11  
When Does "Grown Up" Need a Hyphen? 17-Oct-11  
How to Make Names With Apostrophes Possessive 14-Oct-11  
Advice for New College Grads - How to Find Work as a Freelance Writer 13-Oct-11 Episode #295
French Academy Tries to Ban English Words (Again) 13-Oct-11  
Historic versus Historical 13-Oct-11  
Anyway or Anyways? 12-Oct-11  
Is It "Previously-Explained Goal" or "Previously Explained Goal"? 10-Oct-11  
Coaches Care About Grammar 10-Oct-11  
What's a Double Negative? 7-Oct-11  
Coping with Editing 6-Oct-11 Episode #294
Two Weeks' Notice 5-Oct-11  
Is Bad Grammar Acceptable in Music? 5-Oct-11  
Eachother or Each Other? 4-Oct-11  
Dear Comma 1-Oct-11  
When to Capitalize Seasons 29-Sep-11 Episode #293
What is an Aptronym? 29-Sep-11  
E-mail or Email? 29-Sep-11  
The Mercedes “Less Doors” Commercial 29-Sep-11  
“Each” and “Every” 28-Sep-11  
Spendy 28-Sep-11  
The Oxford English Dictionary Adds "Kewl" 27-Sep-11  
Overcoming Writer’s Block 26-Sep-11 Episode #292
What Does “Bow Up” Mean? 22-Sep-11  
Is “OK” OK? 19-Sep-11  
Irregular Verbs 15-Sep-11 Episode #291
Needs Washed 8-Sep-11 Episode #290
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Quotation Marks with Periods and Commas 25-Aug-11 Episode #289
Compound Nouns 12-Aug-11 Episode #288
High Odds or Low Odds? 5-Aug-11  
Compound Subjects 4-Aug-11 Episode #287
Circumvent Versus Circumnavigate 30-Jul-11  
Portmanteaus 28-Jul-11 Episode #286
"Moot" Versus "Mute" 21-Jul-11 Episode #285
Comma in Salutation 19-Jul-11  
Who Says “Fun” Can’t Be an Adjective? 14-Jul-11 Episode #284
Myriad Of 9-Jul-11  
Did Oxford Drop the Oxford Comma? 8-Jul-11 Episode #283
"Each Other" Versus "One Another" 30-Jun-11 Episode #282
How Do Words Get in the Dictionary? 22-Jun-11 Episode #281
Whoever or Whomever? 18-Jun-11 Episode #280
Capitalizing Titles 9-Jun-11 Episode #279
Oddness When You Start a Sentence with "There Is" 2-Jun-11 Episode #278
Is "Graduated College" Wrong? 26-May-11 Episode #276
I.e. Versus E.g. 19-May-11 Episode #053
Ampersand 17-May-11  
Camel Case 12-May-11 Episode #275
Double Subjects 4-May-11 Episode #274
Supposably 3-May-11  
"A Hold" or "Ahold"? 28-Apr-11 Episode #273
Not Only...But Also 26-Apr-11  
When to Capitalize Seasons? 26-Apr-11  
Do You Capitalize “God”? 21-Apr-11 Episode #272
Subject and Object 19-Apr-11  
Is “Conversate” a Word 14-Apr-11  
Should it be "You" or "Your" with Gerunds? 14-Apr-11  
Is Conversate a Word? 14-Apr-11 Episode #271
What Is an Aptronym? 12-Apr-11  
Commas With Participial Phrases 7-Apr-11 Episode #270
Choose to Format Your Own Name 5-Apr-11  
Should It Be "You" or "Your" with Gerunds? 5-Apr-11  
Ending a Sentence With a Preposition 31-Mar-11 Episode #269
“Sculptor” Versus “Sculpture” 28-Mar-11  
Mixing Verb Tenses 24-Mar-11 Episode #268
Is It "Dilemma" or "Dilemna"? 24-Mar-11  
Should You Capitalize Coen Brothers? 21-Mar-11  
Is It "Previously-Explained Goal" or "Previously Explained Goal"? 21-Mar-11  
How to Speak English Like the Irish 17-Mar-11 Episode #267
Do You Need a Comma Before Jr.? 14-Mar-11  
Is It "Dilemma" or "Dilemna"? 14-Mar-11  
When Should You Capitalize Cocktail and Food Names? 11-Mar-11 Episode #266
Are You Using Hyphens Correctly? 10-Mar-11  
Can You Start a Sentence with "However"? 10-Mar-11  
How Do You Pronounce 2011 7-Mar-11  
Are You Using Hyphens Correctly? 7-Mar-11  
A Funny Story About Epic Poetry 3-Mar-11 Episode #265
Punctuating Questions 24-Feb-11 Episode #264
"A Historic " Versus "An Historic"  24-Feb-11  
Why Photo Captions May Deserve a Grammatical Pass 24-Feb-11  
Titled or Entitled? 24-Feb-11  
Former or Latter? 23-Feb-11  
Periods and Parentheses 21-Feb-11  
How to Write Grammatically Correct Photo Captions 17-Feb-11 Episode #263
Commas with Adjectives 10-Feb-11 Episode #262
"Kicked Off" or "Kickoffed"? 5-Feb-11  
Do You Capitalize "Google"? 5-Feb-11  
A Versus An 3-Feb-11 Episode #261
Weather or Whether 2-Feb-11  
People or Persons? 2-Feb-11  
How to Pronounce "The" 2-Feb-11  
"Nowadays" or "Now a Days"? 31-Jan-11  
Em Dash Space 31-Jan-11  
"Much Thanks" or "Many Thanks"? 30-Jan-11  
Should You Capitalize Coen Brothers? 30-Jan-11  
CamelCase 30-Jan-11  
Disc or Disk? 30-Jan-11  
Each and Every 30-Jan-11  
Ampersand 29-Jan-11  
Supposably 29-Jan-11  
Not Only But Also 29-Jan-11  
Subject and Object 29-Jan-11  
Why Can't I Determine How My Name Is Spelled? 28-Jan-11  
"Sculpture" Versus "Sculptor" 28-Jan-11  
Contractions 27-Jan-11 Episode #260
First, Second, and Third Person 20-Jan-11 Episode #259
Do You Need a Comma Before "Jr."? 20-Jan-11  
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How Do You Pronounce 2011 13-Jan-11  
Should You Ever Put a Space Before a Period? 6-Jan-11 Episode #257
Serial Comma 30-Dec-10 Episode #256
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Top Grammar Articles of 2010 21-Dec-10  
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How to Pluralize Family Names 10-Dec-10  
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“Peak” "Peek" and "Pique" 11-Oct-10  
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"Think Different" or "Think Differently" 7-Oct-10 Episode #243
How to Write Millions 3-Oct-10  
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"Cannot" Versus "Can Not" 28-Sep-10  
Colons 23-Sep-10 Episode #241
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Capitalizing Proper Nouns 9-Sep-10 Episode #239
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What Are Run-On Sentences? 26-Aug-10 Episode #237
Split Infinitives 20-Aug-10 Episode #236
“Ado” Versus “Adieu” 16-Aug-10  
Swearing 12-Aug-10 Episode #235
Rifle versus "Riffle" 9-Aug-10  
"Foreword" Versus "Forward" 9-Aug-10  
Does "Until" Include the Date? 5-Aug-10 Episode #234
Does "Thank-You" Have a Hyphen 2-Aug-10  
Is It "Two Thousand and Ten" or "Two Thousand Ten"? 2-Aug-10  
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Active Voice Versus Passive Voice 22-Jul-10 Episode #232
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"Exorcise" or "Exercise"? 6-Jul-10  
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Is It "Which" or "That"? 23-Jun-10  
How to Get Started Blogging 21-Jun-10 Episode #227
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Dashes, Parentheses, and Commas 21-May-10 Episode #222
And/Or 13-May-10  
"Although" Versus "While" 13-May-10 Episode #221
"Emigrate" or "Immigrate"? 11-May-10  
Ideas Versus "Ideals" 11-May-10  
How to Eliminate Adverbs 6-May-10 Episode #220
Can You Start a Sentence with "Because"? 4-May-10  
How Come We Say "How Come"? 4-May-10  
"Bad" Versus "Badly" 29-Apr-10 Episode #219
What's a Double Negative? 26-Apr-10  
Further Versus "Farther" 22-Apr-10 Episode #218
"Beckon Call" or "Beck and Call"? 22-Apr-10  
Don't Call This a Superlative Tip 19-Apr-10  
What Is Poetic License? 15-Apr-10 Episode #217
Toward Versus "Towards" 12-Apr-10  
Can Cigarettes Possess Something? 12-Apr-10  
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Between, "Compared to," and "Compared With" 8-Apr-10 Episode #216
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Stacked Modifiers 18-Mar-10 Episode #213
Are Region Names Capitalized? 16-Mar-10  
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How Do You Pronounce 2010? 8-Jan-10 Episode #203
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Single Quotation Marks Versus Double Quotation Marks
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Dreamed or Dreamt? 7-Oct-09  
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“Comprise” versus “Compose” 18-Sep-09 Episode #188
Should Writers Keep a Journal? 11-Sep-09 Episode #187
Funny Misplaced Modifiers 4-Sep-09 Episode #186
On Accident Versus by Accident 31-Aug-09 Episode #063
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When Should You Capitalize Words? 21-Aug-09 Episode #184
Verbs Sandwiched Between Singular and Plural Nouns 14-Aug-09 Episode #183
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Ampersand 30-Jun-09  
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Did I Tweet or Did I Twitter? 20-Jun-09 Episode #175
Apostrophe Catastrophe (Part Two) 18-Jun-09 Episode #035
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How to Organize a Book  23-May-09 Episode #171
Swear Words in Text 15-May-09 Episode #170
Using “For” to Mean “Because” 9-May-09 Episode #169
Troublesome Contractions (e.g., I'd've) 1-May-09 Episode #168
Dashes Versus Colons 23-Apr-09 Episode #167
Are Region Names Capitalized? 22-Apr-09  
Strunk and White 17-Apr-09 Episode #166
Supposably 17-Apr-09  
Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms 10-Apr-09 Episode #165
"Specially" Versus "Especially" 10-Apr-09  
“One” Versus “You” 3-Apr-09 Episode #164
Between Me and You? 27-Mar-09 Episode #163
How to Write a Great Blog Comment 20-Mar-09 Episode #162
Excessive Redundant Redundancies 17-Mar-09  
“Use” Versus “Utilize” 13-Mar-09 Episode #161
People or Persons? 10-Mar-09  
Between You and Me 9-Mar-09 Episode #064
Subjunctive Verbs 5-Mar-09 Episode #160
Ending a Sentence with an Abbreviation 24-Feb-09  
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Until, Till, and 'Til 17-Feb-09  
When to Use a Comma with “Too” 13-Feb-09 Episode #157
What Is the Plural of Scissors? 6-Feb-09 Episode #156
"Disinterested" Versus "Uninterested" 4-Feb-09  
What to Call People With Disabilities. 30-Jan-09 Episode #155
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"Bachelor's Degree" or "Bachelors Degree"? 20-Jan-09  
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Does Grammar Really Matter? 9-Jan-09 Episode #152
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Wordiness And Idioms 13-Nov-08 Episode #012
Should We Abandon Standard Spelling? 11-Nov-08 Episode #308
Concrete Versus Cement 7-Nov-08 Episode #144
I Want My Hour Back 31-Oct-08 Episode #143
Appositives 17-Oct-08 Episode #141
Modifying Phrases at the Beginning of Sentences 10-Oct-08 Episode #140
Is "Data" Singular or Plural? 3-Oct-08 Episode #139
Woman Versus Female 23-Sep-08 Episode #137
Complex-Compound Sentences 19-Sep-08 Episode #136
Than Versus Then 17-Sep-08  
What Is the Plural of “Mouse”? 16-Sep-08 Episode #135
Is "Funnest" a Word? 12-Sep-08 Episode #134
How to Format URLs in Text 5-Sep-08 Episode #132
Collective Nouns 2-Sep-08 Episode #131
Funny Homophones 29-Aug-08 Episode #130
Assure Versus Ensure Versus Insure 26-Aug-08 Episode #129
Double Possessives 22-Aug-08 Episode #128
Begs the Question 19-Aug-08 Episode #127
Through, Threw, and Thru 14-Aug-08 Episode #126
Comparatives Versus Superlatives 12-Aug-08 Episode #125
Better Versus Best 8-Aug-08 Episode #124
How to Avoid Clichés 5-Aug-08 Episode #123
Is "Have Got" Acceptable English? 1-Aug-08 Episode #122
Affect Versus Effect 29-Jul-08 Episode #121
He Said, She Said 25-Jul-08 Episode #120
“Shall” Versus “Will” 22-Jul-08 Episode #119
Writing Accents and Dialects 18-Jul-08 Episode #118
In Spite of versus Despite 18-Jul-08  
"Than I" Versus "Than Me" 11-Jul-08 Episode #116
Capitalizing Breed Names
Capitalizing Dog Breeds
Loan versus Lend 8-Jul-08 Episode #115
Phrasal Verbs 4-Jul-08 Episode #114
Writing with Slang 27-Jun-08 Episode #113
Words that Sound Funny 20-Jun-08 Episode #112
Everybody: Singular or Plural 13-Jun-08 Episode #111
When to Leave Out "That" 6-Jun-08 Episode #110
If Versus Whether 30-May-08 Episode #109
Whose for Inanimate Objects 23-May-08 Episode #108
Graduated versus Graduated From 16-May-08 Episode #107
More Than Versus Over 9-May-08 Episode #106
Yoda Grammar 1-May-08 Episode #105
Sentence Length 25-Apr-08 Episode #104
Subject-Verb Agreement 18-Apr-08 Episode #103
Citing Podcasts and Websites 11-Apr-08 Episode #102
How to Write Percents 4-Apr-08 Episode #101
How to Write Numbers 28-Mar-08 Episode #100
Which Versus That 21-Mar-08 Episode #007
Present Tense Books  14-Mar-08 Episode #099
Who Versus Whom--Advanced 7-Mar-08 Episode #098
May Versus Might 22-Feb-08 Episode #096
Zeroscape Versus Xeriscape 15-Feb-08 Episode #095
Irregardless Versus Regardless 8-Feb-08 Episode #094
Hyphens 1-Feb-08 Episode #093
Apostrophes 18-Jan-08 Episode #092
Yo as a Pronoun 11-Jan-08 Episode #091
Went Missing 4-Jan-08 Episode #090
Writing Dates 29-Dec-07 Episode #089
Sit Versus Set 14-Dec-07 Episode #088
Is "Chai Tea" Redundant? 12-Dec-07  
Used to Versus Use to, and Other Listener Questions 7-Dec-07 Episode #087
Greeting Card Grammar 30-Nov-07 Episode #086
People Versus Entities 16-Nov-07 Episode #084
Interviewing Tips 9-Nov-07 Episode #083
Daylight-Saving Time 1-Nov-07 Episode #082
A Few Short Questions 26-Oct-07 Episode #081
Misuing "So" and "Very" 19-Oct-07 Episode #080
Formatting Hyperlinks 05-Oct-07 Episode #078
Verbification of a Noun 28-Sep-07 Episode #077
Starting a Sentence with “Hopefully” 21-Sep-07 Episode #076
Compound Possession 14-Sep-07 Episode #075
Metaphors and Similies 1-Sep-07 Episode #085
Simplify Your Writing 31-Aug-07 Episode #073
The Asterisk (Trust Me About Grammar, Not About Baseball) 10-Aug-07 Episode #070
Unlawful Versus Illegal 27-Jul-07 Episode #068
Your Versus You're 20-Jul-07 Episode #067
Regionalisms 29-Jun-07 Episode #065
Between You and Me 26-Jun-07 Episode #064
Spoonerisms, Mondegreens, Eggcorns, and Malapropisms 15-Jul-07 Episode #062
Generating Story Ideas and Overcoming Writer’s Block 22-May-07 Episode #056
Misplaced Modifiers 18-May-07 Episode #055
Less vs. Fewer 11-May-07 Episode #054
Text Messaging Grammar 27-Apr-07 Episode #052
April Fool's Day Episode 01-Apr-07 Episode #048
Semicolons 23-Feb-07 Episode #042
How to use Myself and Other Reflexive Pronouns 09-Feb-07 Episode #040
Grammar Manners 12-Jan-07 Episode #036
Apostrophe Catastrophe (Part Two) 05-Jan-07 Episode #035
Hanged Versus Hung 31-Dec-06 Episode #034
Apostrophe Catastrophe (Part One) 22-Dec-06 Episode #032
Who Versus That 04-Nov-06 Episode #024
Proofreading Tips 20-Oct-06 Episode #021
Excessive Redundant Redundancies 08-Oct-06 Episode #018
Grammar Style Issues 08-Sep-06 Episode #011

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