8 Grooming Tips to Look and Feel Your Best

Look no further for grooming tips from head to toe, including bettering your breath, preventing shaving nicks, and keeping your feet odor-free! 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Get a Confident Smile

Beat Bad Breath on the Go

Certain herbs and spices are natural breath fresheners when you chew on them. Repurpose an old pill bottle to carry cloves, fennel, or aniseed with you.

Keep Mints Sugar Free

If you go the traditional route with mints or gum to freshen breath, make sure the label says “sugar-free” or else you could be worsening the situation. Sugar feeds bacteria, which can contribute to bad breath.

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Reach for a Cup of Tea

Whether you enjoy green or black, tea provides polyphenols, which prevent the growth of bacteria.

Shaving Sense

Natural Creams

If you’re looking to go the natural route, both pure aloe and coconut oil make amazing shaving creams. They’re both moisturizing and antibacterial—just in case of nicks. You can use them alone, or combine with a bit of castile or hand soap and water for a foamier result you can dispense from a clean soap pump. Shake before each use.

Know Your Directions

Most people who shave their legs tend to shave from ankle to knee, but that’s working against the direction of growth and can lead to ingrown hairs. Reverse your direction and go from knee to ankle for a smoother shave.

Treat a Nick Quickly

Slipped and nicked yourself while shaving? Simple pressure usually works best. But if you’re in a rush and can’t keep up pressure until the bleeding stops, here’s a little shortcut. Dab on a little astringent to staunch the flow, then follow with a rub of antiperspirant. You’ll be set to head out!

Stay Fresh and Clean

Treat Your Feet to JELL-O!

Prepare JELL-O and pour it into a basin. Soak your feet until it sets; wash off with soap and water. What’s the benefit? The gel blocks sweat glands. Many commercial deodorants rely on a similar effect.

Pull Out Odors with a Potato

Did you know that we release toxins through the soles of our feet? To pull out those odor-causing toxins, place raw potato slices in your socks. Wait a few hours before removing. You’ll be amazed at how the compounds in the potato work—the slices will likely be black to show the results!

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