How to Do Your Nails Like a Pro

Did you know you can make nail polish dry faster with cooking spray, or give yourself a perfect French manicure at home with a Band-Aid? Read on for these and more incredible DIY manicure (and pedicure!) tips.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
girl paints nails

Neat Nail Polish Remover

Use an old pill bottle as a quick nail polish remover! Place several cotton balls or an old make-up sponge inside and add a bit of nail polish remover. Then when you have to remove old polish, just dip your finger inside the pill container and twist.

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How to Brighten Stained Nails

If dark nail polish has stained your fingernails, here’s a quick fix: Plop a denture-cleaning tablet into a glass of water and soak your nails for a couple of minutes. The stain will come right off.

Roll, Don’t Shake, Your Nail Polish

Did you know that shaking a bottle of nail polish isn’t the best way to properly mix it before applying? Shaking can cause air bubbles, which can be a pesky problem when you’re trying to paint your nails. Instead, roll the bottle between your palms, which will mix the polish without creating air bubbles.

DIY French Manicure Trick

If you’ve ever wanted to do your own French manicure at home, but had no clue how to get those perfect crescent shapes at the top of your nails, we’ve got an incredible tip for you! All you need is a Band-Aid wide enough to cover your nail. Stick the end of the Band-Aid on your nail, exposing just the amount you want to paint. Then apply the polish, and move the Band-Aid onto the next nail. (You may want to heat the Band-Aid with a hair dryer to make sure it peels off cleanly.) Now the only thing left to do is wait for your nails to dry—and show off your new French manicure!


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