How to Do Your Nails Like a Pro

Did you know you can make nail polish dry faster with cooking spray, or give yourself a perfect French manicure at home with a Band-Aid? Read on for these and more incredible DIY manicure (and pedicure!) tips.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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How to Keep a Straight Edge Along Your Nail Line

Painting your nails at home? For a salon-fresh look, before you begin, first apply petroleum jelly (or Chapstick) to your cuticles and to the skin around your nails. When the polish is dry, wipe away the jelly along with any stray polish on your skin. Or, if you don't have petroleum jelly, dip a bobby pin into nail polish remover and dab along the edge of your cuticle when you’re done painting for a cleaner line.

Quick Fix for Smudged Nail Polish

You just got a perfect pedicure at the salon, and suddenly you bump your toe against the leg of a chair, smudging the polish. Before you get too upset, quickly lick one of your fingers and run it over the smudged nail, applying a bit of pressure if needed. Surprisingly, there’s a chemical in saliva that reacts with nail polish and can smooth over these little mishaps.

How to Make Nail Polish Dry Fast

If you have just enough time to touch up your nails before you leave, but not long enough to dry them, try this lifehack. Make your nail polish dry more quickly by spraying your final coat with cooking spray. The oil will help them dry faster, and it will moisturize your cuticles too! Who knew?

What To Do if You Spill Nail Polish

Spill nail polish on wood furniture or floors? Do not reach for the polish remover, which can leave even uglier stains on wood. Instead, grab a bottle of hair spray (yes, hair spray) and apply generously over your polish stain, leave for 20 seconds, and wipe away. Repeat as many times as it takes to abolish the polish! Hair spray works wonderfully on clothes and carpets too, although you should always test a patch before you treat the material.

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