2 Ways to Fix Lower Back Pain

Spinal decompression can help you significantly reduce lower back pain.

Ben Greenfield
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2 Ways to Fix Lower Back Pain

 by Ben Greenfield

In previous Get-Fit Guy episodes, you’ve learned how to exercise even if you have lower back pain, how to stay fit with a lower back injury, and all about exercises to relieve lower back pain.
But there’s another step you can take to significantly reduce lower back pain, or to keep yourself from getting a stiff lower back after you’ve been sitting for long periods of time: spinal decompression.

Spinal decompression is a term used to describe the relief of pressure on pinched nerves in the spinal column, and can also be used to stretch low back muscles. It is often used for conditions such as bulged or herniated discs, sciatica, or spinal stenosis.

So how can you decompress your spine? Here are two ways:

  1. An inversion table. I actually have an inversion table in my garage, and hang on it for about five minutes just a couple times a week, usually after I’ve been traveling and sitting in airplanes or in cars for a long period of time, which tends to compress the back.

  2. A decompression belt. If you have difficulty using an inversion table, or need something more portable, you can use a belt that applies pressure for a similar decompressing effect.

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