23 Exercise Videos for Working Out at Home

Sometimes you just want to (or need to!) get a workout done at home. These exercise videos from Get-Fit-Guy will help you prioritize fitness even when you have to stay indoors.

Brock Armstrong
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The Quick And Dirty
  • Exercising at home is a time and cost efficent way to get fit.
  • Exercises can be devided up between body areas and then mixed and matched to create a workout.
  • Avoid doing the same exercise two days in a row. 

Working out at home is a great way to stay fit. It is economical, time-effecient, and you can also do it in the PJs or your skivvies. The trouble people often have with exercising at home is not knowing what workout to do.

When you're building a workout, it is often helpful to divide the body into upper, lower, core and full. Once you have done that, you can choose if you want to work a particular area or go for a full body workout and then mix and match the exercises to fit your needs. For example, on Monday you could do all lower body exercises and then on Tuesday do all upper body. Then you could go for a walk on Wednesday and then stay home and do a core workout on Thursday. Then after doing some cardio or sprint exercises on Friday, Saturday could be your big full body workout day. You get the picture. 

When you're building a workout, it is often helpful to divide the body into upper, lower, core and full.

To help you along, here are some videos that I have created over the years, along with a couple from my friend and Yogi, Abi Carver from Yoga15, that you can use to mix and match your own set of at home workouts. 


Every morning while I wait for my coffee to brew, I do a morning "wake-up and get moving" routine. It has changed over the years (and will continue to change) but based on my current needs, this is what I am doing now. And you don't have to do it in the morning only, it doubles as an excellent warm-up routine.

Sun Salutations

People who I coach will know that I love sun salutations as part of a warm-up routine. They really get the body ready for full-body movement in a simple and easy to remember sequence. 

Lower Body

Lunge Matrix

The lunge matrix is one of my favorite lower body exercises. It hits all the trouble spots while also challenging your balance and coordination. 

Calf Raises

Having atractve legs and making your calves strong and defined is a goal for many. This exercise not only builds excellent functional strength but it also makes your calves pop (in a good way)!

Wall sits

Who knew that you could use your wall as fitness equipment? This is a great exercises, with or without the dumbbells. 


A step-up is a bodyweight exercise that targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, and the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. This is considered a general lower-body-conditioning exercise.

Ankle Strengtheners

Incorporating some of these easy and quick exercises, using resistance bands, can help strengthen your ankles, shins, and feet.

Upper Body


Push-ups and their many variations are a great way to exercise all the different parts of the chest, to maximize strength and tone, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Forearm Strength

Do you have weak forearms? Many of us do, but using a pull-up bar can really help—even if you can't do a pull-up!

Shoulder Complex

This is my current go-to shoulder complex workout that also just happens to incorporate some bicep curls as well. Win-win!


Hanging Leg Raises

This may be one of the most overlooked core strengthening exercises around, but it is also one of the most effective. This exercise works your lower abs, and it activates your entire core while also challenging your shoulders, back, quads, and grip strength.

Bird Dog

The Bird Dog is a great core exercise that can also improve your stability, help you develop a neutral spine, and even help stave off or alleviate some types of lower back pain.

Dead Bug

The Dead Bug sounds like a dance move, but it's a supine core exercise which can build strength and stabilization.


Doing any of these bridge variations stretches and engages your hip abductors, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings. 

Full Body

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

This is a great workout for when time and space are limited. I've done it in hotels, friend's guest rooms, or anywhere else I wanted to fit in a workout without any fitness gear.


These can be intimidating, but there are burpee variations that fit almost any fitness level and range of mobility. 

Wall Sits with Dumbbells

This one starts off as a lower-body exercise, but if you throw in some dumbbells, it can hit the entire body.

Sitting and Rising

This is not only a great way to test your full body mobility, strength, and balance, but it is a wonderful way to get your heart racing!

Multi-joint Movements

You've probably heard me talk about multi-joint exercises in more than a few Get-Fit Guy podcast episodes. They're hands-down the best way to maximize your workout time by combining strength, cardio and mobility.

Five-move Workout

You can do this simple yet effective workout with a little bit of floor space, a pull-up bar, and some grit!



One of the best ways to cool down after a hard workout is to do some slow and easy yoga. 

Shoulders and Chest Loosener

Most people know how to stretch out their calves and quads, but let's not forget to stretch and relax the muscles in your chest and shoulders.

Bedtime Routine

Preparing for good sleep is about the ritual, the relaxation, the unplugging, and definitely the breathing. And you can throw in some therapeutic toys, as well. 

I hope these videos help you build some fun and effective at home workouts and also stay tuned on my Facebook page and YouTube channel for more and more videos like these

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