3 Reasons to Include 'EMOM' in Your Workouts

Learn how to do "Every Minute on the Minute"—aka EMOM—and get some sample workouts.

Ben Greenfield
Episode #255

The Benefits of EMOM

So, what are the benefits of EMOM training? There are four primary reasons you should consider adding this strategy to your workout routine ...

Why do EMOMs?

The first reason to include EMOM is, as I alluded to earlier, time efficiency.

Because you’re “racing the clock” in an EMOM workout, you won’t have time to simply sit down and recover between sets. You have to keep working the whole time, and because of this, you can get all of the benefits of a regular weightlifting session, but in much less time (albeit with a bit more burn and discomfort!).

The second reason to include EMOMs is to simply squeeze more high-quality volume into less time. For example, in many workouts, especially Crossfit workouts, the goal is to do an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in X period of time, such as twenty minutes. Often, this requires you simply bounce from exercise to exercise as quickly as possible. But with EMOM, you simply do your recommended number of reps, then recover until the next minute comes around, and with this strategy, you’ll find you can maintain high quality mechanics throughout the set, even when lifting heavy weights and low reps.

The third reason to use EMOM is because of the motivation to get more of a muscle and cardiovascular endurance training effect. Even if you’re doing five reps of squats (not traditionally considered an exercise or number of reps that would be used to enhanced endurance compared to running, rowing, swimming or cycling), you’re still going to get only a minimal amount of rest between those squat sets—less rest than you’d probably give yourself naturally if you weren’t doing an EMOM. But because you’re motivated by the clock, you’ll jump back into the next set, even if it’s tough. Don’t get me wrong: the goal is not for you to sacrifice form at all costs to squeeze in all your squat reps, but at the same time, you’ll find that with an EMOM, you’re often able to both maintain proper biomechanics and work your heart, lungs and lactic-acid buildup quite significantly.

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