4 Little Known Ways to Get a Leg Workout at Home

Do you actually need to get to a gym to get a leg workout? Get-Fit Guy says you don't.

Ben Greenfield,
Episode #203

One-Legged Squat

This exercise, also known as the pistol squat, requires quite a bit of balance to execute properly, so to keep you from falling over your first few times, be sure you have something to grab onto.

Plant yourself on a step or on the ground with one foot, and raise your other foot off the ground. Lower yourself with your planted leg until your butt and knee are parallel, then stand back up. Eventually, if you can, try not to hold onto anything while doing these. The added balancing act will engage all your minor leg muscles, as well as your core.

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

The Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl is likely the easiest exercise of the bunch, since it involves lying down on the job. Simply find an inflatable exercise ball and lie down on your back. With straight legs, place both your heels on the ball and lift your body off the ground. Now bring the ball in closer to your body by bending your knees and curling your legs. Repeat until you get a distinct burn in the back of your legs and your butt.

For a more challenging exercise, use a smaller exercise ball, which will throw your body even more off balance and engage more (and different) muscle fibers.

Bonus At-Home Exercises

Whether your home is your ideal workout spot or you’re crunched for time and can’t leave the house, these leg exercises can get you the workout your lower body needs. And just in case you want to throw a curveball at the rest of your body, too, I’d recommend the following resources:

  • The “Spartan” WOD’s I mentioned in the last newsletter, which actually are quite Spartanesque in their requirements for minimal equipment.
  • At-home playing cards with pictures of exercises on them. Check out my article on Common Household Items That Can Help You Lose Weight for more on that.
  • A set of stairs and a heavy object. No kidding! I just moved into a new home with three flights of stairs, and one of my new workouts is grabbing a dumbbell or donning a weighted vest and going up and down the stairs 20-25 times, while I listen to music or a podcast.
  • “Greasing The Groove.' Every hour, stop and do 25 burpees. Or 50 push-ups. Or 15 body weight squats. You get the idea. I personally follow this rule every day of the week, and talk about it more in the article 12 Unconventional Ways To Burn More Fat.

If you have more questions about these little known ways to get a leg workout at home, or any of these other body weight home workout tips, then join the conversation over at Facebook.com/GetFitGuy!

Photo of stretching legs courtesy of Shutterstock.


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