5 Easy Workout Tricks for Busy Parents

If you’re a busy Mom or Dad and you want to lose weight, get fit, and get healthy, simply fit Get-Fit Guy's 5 easy tricks into your daily schedule for 4 weeks, and see what happens!

Ben Greenfield,
January 21, 2014
Episode #170

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Busy Parent Workout #4: The Three-Card Monte

Once you get to work, get the kids off to school, or set the little ones down in the crib or the toddlers to color at the kitchen table, you may still be busy, but no one is too busy to take a 30-second break here and there.  One trick that you can use for this is a deck of cards. Each card should represent an exercise that requires only your bodyweight.

For example, cards 1-9 can be push-ups or body weight squats. For these cards, you perform the number of repetitions of the chosen exercise that is shown on the card (e.g. if you deal yourself a 7, you do 7 push-ups). Face cards can be tougher exercises. For example, Jacks can be jumping jacks, Queens can be quick feet, and Kings can be vertical jumps in place (Kangaroo hops). Jokers can be the toughest exercise of all: burpees!

Simply keep a deck of cards on your desk, and at the end of each hour, deal yourself three cards. Three cards are just enough to get your blood flowing, keep your metabolic rate high, and your energy level up.  An average workday lasts 8 hours (not including an hour for lunch). If you can focus on playing Three-Card Monte once an hour you will have completed 24 exercises just during your workday.  Do you realize that most people who go to the gym for an hour every day don’t even do 24 exercises? But you can complete 24 exercises during a busy day of work by simply taking a 1-2 minute break every hour! I’m also a big fan of fitness cards for this game, which are cards that actually give you specific exercise pictures and instructions on each card.

Busy Parent Workout #4: The 10-Minute Lunchtime Burn

One barrier to exercising during a busy workday or as a busy parent is squeezing in a 45-60 minute workout with a warm-up, cool-down and shower. But quick 10-minute workouts are simple, effective, and can be injected throughout the day – such as in the morning when you wake up (preferably before the kids are out of bed), after lunch (or when kids go down for a nap), and after dinner (or after the kids go to bed).

Want to get your 10-minute workout creative wheels churning? Simply check out my episode on the most effective 10-minute workouts you can do practically anywhere.

Busy Parent Workout #5: Mystery Keyword

This last one is actually a fun exercise to do with your family. Assign a “keyword of the day” and don’t tell anyone. Let’s assume the keyword is "dog." Now, whenever anyone in your household says the word dog, you have to drop and do 10 push-ups. The next time that word is used, do 9 push-ups, then 8 and so on. The first time you do this your children will laugh, wondering what keyword made you drop. And if your kids actually find out what that keyword is, they will use it to their full advantage.

So now you are at the end of your day, you have worked your entire body, you haven’t stepped foot into a gym, you never needed to carry any equipment with you (aside from a deck of cards), and you didn’t need to schedule any significant time for a workout - yet you burned a ton of calories and toned every muscle in your body. Great work!

If you have more questions about squeezing in workouts and getting a better body as a busy parent, then leave them over at Facebook.com/GetFitGuy. If you enjoyed this episode, you should also check out my Top 12 Unconventional Ways to Burn More Fat.

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