5 Exercises to Get You Into Swimsuit Shape—Fast!

Swimsuit season is upon us. Get swimsuit-ready with these 5 exercises. 

Ben Greenfield,
June 22, 2013

5 Exercises to Get You Into Swimsuit Shape—Fast!

It’s already June. That means swimsuit season is upon us and when you need to whip your body into swimsuit shape as fast as possible, there’s just no point in doing single joint exercises such as biceps curls or calf raises. Instead, if you want your body to transform quickly, you need to utilize full body exercises that incorporate multi-joint movements.

So here are 5 exercises that will get you swimsuit-ready fast!

  1. Clean and Jerk—Using a barbell or dumbbell, explosively lift the weight from the floor and up to your shoulders, while splitting your legs into a lunge.

  2. Deadlift to Press—Using a controlled motion, lift a barbell or dumbbells from the ground, then press overhead. Return to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner.

  3. Squat-Thrust Jumps—Squat down, kick your legs out behind you, kick your legs back up into a squat, then jump.

  4. Swing Squats—Holding a dumbbell or kettlebell, swing the weight with a straight arm halfway up, drop down into a squat, then explode and extend the weight above your head.

  5. Woodchopper—Begin by holding a medicine ball or dumbbell diagonally across your shoulder, then with relatively straight arms, chop across you body until the weight is outside the knee area.

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Want a summer swimsuit workout? Simply perform 3 circuits, incorporating each of the exercises above into each circuit, using 8-12 repetitions per exercise, and using a weight that is challenging, but that also allows you to maintain good form. Videos of these exercises (and more) are available here.

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