5 Killer Muscle Gain and Fat Loss Workouts You’ve Never Tried

Know about my top five killer new muscle gain and fat loss workouts you’ve probably never done.

Ben Greenfield,
December 5, 2016
Episode #314

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It’s that time at Get-Fit Guy headquarters once more—the special occasion when I dish out some of the best new workouts I’ve made up, discovered, or been incorporating into my busy, hectic, travel-infused lifestyle not too conducive to the same ol’, same ol’ routine at a health club.

As you learned in Why the Best Workout Is the One You’re Not Doing about why, especially if your goal is simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain, you need to do three things: load your muscle fibers with different loads from different angles, constantly switch up the workouts you’re doing (including exercises, sets and reps), and challenge your lungs and heart with different intensities and different rest periods.

That, my friends, is how you constantly get fit, all year long.

So without further ado, here are my top five killer new muscle gain and fat loss workouts you’ve probably never tried.

1.      The TV Workout

Two days ago, a friend sent me a “must-see” documentary. I’m not really into watching TV, but figured I’d stream it onto my computer and try to throw down a workout that enabled me to simultaneously soak up the knowledge in the documentary and also workout.

So yesterday morning, in my hotel room, I set the laptop on the desk, flipped it open, played the documentary, and did the following workout, which allows you to “face a screen” the whole time you’re exercising so you don’t miss the action.

Do the following as a circuit the whole time your show is playing (I cycled through the following for 43 minutes!):

-50 jumping jacks

-50 high knees running-in-place

-50 body weight squats or Hindu squats

-60 second isometric squat hold or wall sit

-50 repetitions of “sit-to-stand” (sit down, stick both legs out in front of you, slide both legs back in towards your body, stand up, jump – harder than it sounds).

-Stand and go back to jumping jacks

Want more TV workouts? Check out “How To Get Fit While Watching TV.”


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