5 Little Known Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Learn about five workouts that I personally do as a part of my fitness, muscle building, and fat loss routine. Each workout combines three different elements of training that work together to provide a big fitness results.

Ben Greenfield
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3. Foam Rolling + Resisted Breath Training + Calisthenics

As I’ve written about before, I’m a big fan of frequent use of a foam roller to keep injuries at bay and to keep the body mobile. Problem is, the 20-45 minutes it takes to perform a full body foam rolling routine are 20-45 minutes that you aren’t spending “getting fit.” So when I do my foam rolling routine, (which I do two times per week), I put on a podcast or an audiobook, put on a resisted breath training mask, and inject calisthenic exercises into my rolling so that I am able to achieve injury prevention, breath training, and cardiovascular exercise all at once. Here’s how to do it:

For every area that you foam roll, do 20-30 "passes" with the foam roller on the muscle group. One "pass" means you roll up the muscle group and back down the muscle group. Do each station below one time, progressing from one station to the next with minimal rest.

Station 1: 10 burpees. Foam roll achilles and calf R side.

Station 2: 10 burpees. Foam roll achilles and calf L side.

Station 3: Foam roll hamstring R side. 20 high leg swings R leg forward to backwards.

Station 4: Foam roll hamstring L side. 20 high leg swings L leg forward to backwards.

Station 5: 10 burpees. Foam roll R outside of hip.

Station 6: 10 burpees. Foam roll L outside of hip.

Station 7: Foam roll IT band R side. 20 side-to-side leg swings R leg.

Station 8: Foam roll IT band L side. 20 side-to-side leg swings L leg.

Station 9: 10 burpees. Foam roll R adductors/inside of thighs.

Station 10: 10 burpees. Foam roll L adductors/inside of thighs.

Station 11: 50 jumping jacks. Foam roll back bottom-to-top.

Station 12: 50 jumping jacks. Foam roll entire right shoulder complex.

Station 13: 50 jumping jacks. Foam roll entire left shoulder complex.

Station 14: 10 burpees. Foam roll neck (back, L side, R side)

Station 15: 10 burpees. Foam roll entire front of quads.

If you need videos or demonstrations of any foam roller exercises above, then you can click here for a series of videos from yours truly. And yes, you get extra fitness bonus points if you do this routine in a dry or infrared sauna.


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