5 Tips to Get the Perfect Beach Body

Learn the best exercises to get you tight, toned, sculpted and ready for the beach with a workout that targets the abs, butt, calves, and chest.

Ben Greenfield
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When it comes to getting a great beach body, looking good in your swimsuit, and having the confidence to show a little more skin this season, there are 4 specific sections of your body that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Plus one specific exercise technique that will get you toned and ripped as quickly as possible!.

Which Body Parts Give You the Best Beach Body?

Recently, I asked Get-Fit Guy fans to post to my Facebook page examples of body parts that most frustrated them or the parts they wanted to get more toned and tight for the summer season.

Whether it’s boardshorts or a speedo, when it comes to looking good in on the beach, there are 3 specific muscle groups that the guys wanted to prioritize: the chest, the abs, and the calves. For women, the 3 muscle groups they most often complained about for swimsuit season were the chest, the abs, and the butt.

Sure, there were other body parts mentioned, like arms, back, shoulders, and thighs – but ultimately, chest, abs and calves for men and chest, abs, and butt for women were the biggest priority.

The Best Beach Body Exercises

So now that you know the body parts you need to tone for looking great on the beach, the question is: how do you work them? Below, you’ll find the best beach body exercises, along with a workout that puts them all together.

Note: Complete each of the exercises for one body part back-to-back 3-5 times through for 10-15 reps (depending on your level of fitness), then move on to the next body part! Use minimal rest.


  • Weighted Dips

  • Fist Push-ups

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  • Rollouts

  • Knee-ups


  • External rotation in Wide Squat (there is an excellent book called Foundation that I recommend for learning this one properly)

  • Kickouts (I recommend using a Gymstick for these)

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  • Uphill walking (do this after the beach body workout, or at a separate time of week for 20-30 minutes at 7%-10% incline and add a weighted vest for even more benefit)

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  • 30-60 seconds jumping rope as hard as possible, on both legs or one leg.

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Put all these exercises together and simply repeat this circuit 1-2 times per week to hit all the major beach body parts!

Another excellent way for you to get the beach body you want is to read Get-Fit Guy's Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Body: A Workout Plan for Your Unique Shape, in which you’ll learn how to get your dream beach body, no matter what body type you are!

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