5 Tips To Stop Arm Fat From Jiggling

If you've got issues with "bye-bye" arm fat--you know, the kind that keeps waving, long after you've stopped?--then Get-Fit Guy's 5 tips on how to say "bye" to jiggling arms can help.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #195

If you heard my episode How To Tone The Backs Of Your Arms, you might remember my term, "bye-bye” arms--you know, when the flapping fat on the back of your arm keeps on waving long after you’ve stopped? My mom used to call her arms “flopping fish," and flab on the underside of the arms is also known as “lunch lady arms,” “quail flanks,” and “bingo wings.” (Thank you, Urban Dictionary.);

Regardless of what we call them, the jiggle on your arms can be a big, annoying reason for avoiding t-shirts and tank tops. In that first episode, you learned how to tone the back of your arms using moves like Narrow Grip PushupsTricep PushdownsDipsSkull Crusher and Close Grip Bench Press.

In this episode, you’re going to get five more tips on how to stop arm fat from jiggling (based on a recent conversation that I had with health and fat loss expert JJ Virgin.)  

Don’t Burn Fat, Burn Sugar

Rather than focusing on burning fat by spending long periods of time in your “fat burning zone," you should instead focus on short, high-intensity bursts of cardiovascular intervals, which cause your metabolism to remain elevated for a long period of time after you’ve finished your workout.

In other words, your jiggly arms aren’t going to ever go away from a 60-minute treadmill walk or a 30-minute bike ride. Instead, I’d recommend doing as I describe in the episode Which Workout Burns The Most Fat. Basically. this involved doing a series of full body movements such as:

  • upper body pushing
  • upper body pulling
  • lower body pushing
  • lower body pulling
  • a core movement
  • a quick, 60-second burst on the bike, rowing machine, treadmill, elliptical trainer, stair climber, or jump rope, before going back into the circuit of weight training exercises

Also skip light, high-rep, low-weight exercises in favor of ones with challenging weights that require you to lift more explosively, and to use more strength than endurance.

Note that most of the fat loss won't actually happen during your workout, but during the time you spend incorporating my next tip.

Move More

Having your butt planted in a chair for 8 hours a day is practically guaranteeing that you’ll never be able to fully tone your arms--no matter how hard you exercise at the beginning or end of the day.

Instead, you need to change your home or office environment to enable yourself to stand more, move more, stop for quick bursts of exercise (such as 20 squats every time you go the bathroom). and engage in light physical activity throughout the entire day, so that you are constantly burning more fat.

I have several previous episodes about how to do this, including:

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