8 Steps to Doing a Burpee

If you can't do a burpee, don't worry, you are definitely not alone. But by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable steps, we can work our way up to performing this excellent exercise that works your entire body.

Brock Armstrong
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photo of a woman doing burpees

Step 5: Add the pushup to mix.

Let’s string this together now: squat down, put your fists on the bench, hop or step out into a plank position, do a push-up, hop or step into a squat position, stand up and raise your hands over your head. Rest for a second and try it again.

Step 6: Add a jump at the end.

Now, let’s add the jump. Do the same sequence you did in Step 6 but this time, launch yourself into a jump with your hands over your head at the end of the burpee. Once again, feel free to take a second to reset before you do another one. Doing them quickly and in rapid succession is our goal but we're not there yet. 

Step 7: Again with your hands on the floor.

The next step is to take this whole party down to the floor. This means that your squat will need to be lower and your push-up will need to be stronger. But it also means that hopping your feet out and back in will be slightly easier and there won’t be any worry of the bench or chair sliding away from you. So it is a 50/50 split of harder to easier.

Step 8: Pick up the pace.

This is really the icing on the cake. Once you have the movement well under control, you can start to increase the reps and speed. But keep in mind that because this is such a great full-body exercise, don’t be surprised if you can’t string too many of them together at first without what my coach used to call “busting a gut.” You will get there. For now, concentrate on maintaining good form over doing more reps or picking up the pace. And since you know how to modify each portion of this exercise, feel free to fall back on those modifications if you feel unsafe or like it may be too effective of a workout. 

Stay safe and you will be burping for years to come.

Stay safe and you will be burping for years to come. Is that the right term? I think so.

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