Are Squats Safe?

Ben Greenfield
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Ask the Get-Fit Guy: How to Do Squats Safely

Q. What Is A Squat, Anyway?

A. If you’ve been reading the articles or listening to the free weekly podcast episodes from my QDT page, then you’ve heard me frequently mention the squat exercise.

So did I drink too much of the squat Kool-aid, or is the squat really such a fabulous exercise? Consider this: when you bend at the knees while pushing your butt out behind you, and then stand from that squatting position, your body must incorporate the low back muscles, quadriceps, hip flexors, glutes, internal and external hip rotators, and many other calorie-burning and strength-building components that give you a coordinated, lean and athletic body. This fact, combined with the body’s ability to do squats anywhere, places the squat exercise among my favorite lower body activities, along with lunging, deadlifting, running up hills and climbing stairs.

However, you can also do some damage to your knees if you squat improperly. If your knees go in front of your toes, or your knees move very close together or far apart, then you should be focusing on hip flexibility and core strength along with your squats.

Get a Quick & Dirty Video Tip

If you really want to learn how to squat with good form, I’ve got a couple tricks you can use. Click here for a video demonstration.

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