Double Your Calorie Burn

Ben Greenfield

Wouldn't it be nice if you could double the calorie burn of a popular exercise such as the squat?

brand new study showed exactly how you can do it, and the solution may actually surprise you.

I've written before that squats are one of the best ways to burn fat, burn calories, and get stronger fast. But in this study, the metabolic rate caused by squatting with a moderate load for 6 sets of 30 seconds was nearly doubled when the squats were performed on a vibration platform.

And what's a moderate load? In this case, about 40% of the amount you could squat just one time. For most people, that should be enough weight to cause muscle fatigue at around 10-15 repetitions. 

I've previously written about vibration platforms as a cool "underground training tool," and this study verifies that if your gym happens to have a vibration platform or you buy one for your home, it can actually enhance your fat burning and muscle building results (If you actually work on it, that is). Six sets of 30 seconds of squats with 40% one repetition maximum weight is far different (and more taxing) than simply standing on the platform and staring off into space as you wait for the fat to magically burn.

But when used correctly, vibration platforms are actually a good idea, and add a fun twist to your workout.

Have you tried a vibration platform? Let us know in Comments below.

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