Fat Loss: Cardio vs. Weights

 Get-Fit Guy explains whether cardio or weights are better for fat loss. 

Ben Greenfield
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Listener Sandro wrote in:

"Depending on who you ask, people will tell you that cardio is best for burning calories and thereby losing weight.  Others will tell you that lifting weights heavy and hard is the best way to lose weight because muscle is more metabolically active.  With so much conflicting advice, how do we (who are not in shape) know what to do?  What are the pros/cons of a cardio only routine?  What are the pros/cons of a weight training only routine?"

The answer to Sandro is…you should do both!

A combination of cardio and weights is ideal for fat loss, because you receive the calorie burning benefits of cardio combined with the metabolic and lean-muscle boosting benefits of weight training. I talk about this in the Get-Fit Guy Article: What Is the Best Workout for Fat Loss.

Unless you are a bodybuilder and trying to put on as much muscle as possible, you can simply combine weights and cardio, eat a healthy diet with a moderate calorie amount of real foods (not junk), and not fret too much over supplements. I hope that helps, Sandro!

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