How to Choose Exercise Shoes

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Ask Get-Fit Guy: How Should You Choose Exercise Shoes?

If you committed yourself to exercise, you’ve probably realized that whether running, playing sports, riding a bike, or lifting weights, you’re going to spend more time on your feet! So here is a quick and dirty reference guide to choose your footwear!

1. Weight training. If you’re just doing weight training machines or using cardio equipment, either running shoes or cross trainers are fine.

But if you’re doing heavy weight lifting with barbells and dumbbells, look for a stable cross training shoe, which will usually be a bit heavier.

2. Running. For running outdoors or higher volume running, get a pair of running shoes, which will have more flexibility and is better suited for repetitive running motion compared to a cross trainer, a basketball shoe, a tennis shoe, etc.

3. Sports. Tennis shoes have a built up toe region that keeps your feet protected when you’re lunging around the court. Basketball shoes generally are higher and protect your ankles as you cut and move. Volleyball shoes cushion your foot properly for jumping and landing.

Seeing a pattern here? Get a shoe that is specifically designed for your sport of choice, and your foot will be happier!

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