How To Exercise Without Getting Shoulder Pain

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Ben Greenfield
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Listener Cindy wrote in:

“I’m an active 48-year-old woman who has osteoarthritis with bone spurs in my shoulders.  I have difficulty performing a push-up and have to modify some exercises to accommodate my condition. Which exercises are best to strengthen the shoulders without causing pain?”

It can be frustrating when you want to get a body part stronger, but it hurts when you exercise it! I’d recommend Cindy to:

  1. Avoid pressing a weight directly overhead (like a shoulder press) or directly in front of the body (like a bench press). Since overhead pressing can cause shoulder impingement and front pressing can cause joint irritation in an injured shoulder, these movements should be avoided. Other exercises to avoid are side raises and front raises.

  2. Use cables and elastic bands – which offer far more freedom of rotation in the shoulder than a machine – to perform exercises that strengthen the muscles around the shoulders, including curls, triceps extensions, rows, and pulls.

  3. Use dumbbells to perform exercises that keep the arms close to the body (and reduce forces placed directly on shoulder), such as deadlifts and shoulder shrugs.

  4. Consider including light aerobic movement that works the shoulders against minimal and fluid resistance. A water aerobics class might do the trick.

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