How to Burn More Fat With Walking

How can you get more from your walks? Get-Fit Guy reveals the 4 B's for Better Walking, to help achieve fat burning, increased fitness, and long-term health benefits.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #201


In previous episodes, you’ve learned all about the benefits of going barefoot, and walking is a perfect way to safely try ditching your shoes. This can strengthen your feet, give you a better feel for the ground, get you more in touch with your surroundings (e.g. earth, dirt, rocks, concrete, etc.), and strengthen more of the tiny ligaments and tendons in your feet and lower legs. I’ll begin a walk in my shoes, but then take my shoes off and carry them when appropriate, like when I’m in a grassy park area or on smooth concrete.


Take breaks during your walk to challenge your body. Balance on one foot on a rock or fence post. Walk on a curb--then once you’re good at that, walk on a curb backwards. Try shuffling sideways, then lunging sideways. Stop for front lunges and back lunges. Hop up on a park bench and do some body weight squats, then hop down and do some dips or pushups. Just like bearing weight, the sky’s the limit when it comes to balance breaks and other methods of turning a walk into a fitness adventure. Plus, this tip can easily be combined with the other B’s you’re learning about in this episode.


In the episode, How To Breathe The Right Way, I talk about how deep nasal breathing can be a powerful method to deliver more oxygen to muscle tissues, strengthen inspiratory and expiratory muscles, and even tap into the power of meditation during exercise. The next time you go on a walk, try breathing through your nose as much as possible, preferably in a rhythmic, “4 count in, 4 count out” fashion. You may occasionally need to open your mouth on stairs, when going uphill, or when doing fast-walking intervals, but try to primarily breathe through your nose.

Finally, if you really want even faster results, then you should know that the faster you move, the more calories you burn--long after you’ve finished moving. This is why jogging (if your knees can handle it) is better than walking, running is better than jogging, and sprinting is better than running. For more on that, check out the episode, Does Running Or Walking Burn More Calories? 

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