How to Effectively Exercise in a Small Space

In this article, you’ll learn my top seven moves for exercising in a small space, along with a sample workout that shows you exactly how to put them all together. I’ve chosen exercises that work multiple muscle groups and also get your heart rate up quickly.

Ben Greenfield,
Episode #249

How to Effectively Exercise in a Small Space

OK, now that you know the seven most potent “limited space” exercises you can do, let’s put them all together. You can simply A) perform each of the following exercises for 60 seconds with 10-20 seconds recovery between each, or B) do the recommended number of reps for each exercise, followed by minimal possible rest as you prepare for the next exercise.

-Advanced Burpees – 10

-Dive Bomber Pushups – 15

-Bent Rows – 20

-Super-Slow Pushups – 10

-Lunge Jumps – 15

-Mountain Climbers – 20

-Isometric Squat Twists – 10

Want more exercises, particularly for your upper body? You may want to check out “5 Best Body Weight Exercises for Your Arms.”

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