How to Get a Swim Workout Without Swimming

Want the lean, toned, muscular body of a swimmer, but without all that pesky swimming? Get-Fit Guy understands. That's why he's created this custom swim workout that you can do outside the water (no flippers or bathing suit required).

Ben Greenfield,

It’s no secret that swimmers usually have nice bodies, burn lots of calories during their workouts, and possess superior cardiovascular fitness.

But sometimes it’s either A) inconvenient to get to the pool or B) you’re just not the swimming type.

Luckily, you can still get a good swim workout without swimming. Here’s a circuit I do when I’m traveling and can’t get to a pool:

Warm up for 2-5 minutes. I prefer jumping jacks, which require a similar shoulder movement as swimming. Then do:

Complete the entire routine 1-3 times through!

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