How to Get Better Legs and Abs For Summer

Get-Fit Guy’s tricks for getting your legs and abs ready for summer, no matter which body type you are.

Ben Greenfield
Episode #094

Male Ecto-Mesomorph - Male ecto-mesomorphs can easily fluctuate between being incredibly lean or very muscular. I am personally an ecto-mesomorph shape, and two of my favorite exercises for fast development of legs and abs are walking dumbbell lunges and woodchoppers, both in the 8-12 rep range.

Female Mesomorph - Female mesomorphs tend to have a classic “hourglass” shape, with wider shoulders and hips, and a distinctively narrow waist. Since it’s easier for female mesomorphs to “bulk up,” it’s best to focus on high calorie burning motions for the legs and the abs, particularly moves like lunge jumps and mountain climbers

Male Mesomorph - Male mesomorphs are naturally muscular and have a thick, athletic build. They don’t need big heavy weights to get great muscles, and should instead focus on high calorie burning, metabolic activities. For legs, a male mesomorph should consider high intensity cardiovascular intervals on a bike, combined with an abdominal toning motion like cable torso twists in the 15-20 rep range.

Female Meso-Endomorph - Female meso-endomorphs tend to have mid-thickness waists and ankles, small to medium size shoulders and chests, and wider hips – a “pear” shape. For this body type, abdominal exercises such as side plank rotations can be heavier and more strenuous in the 8-10 rep range, while cardio exercise like uphill treadmill running or walking works best for the legs.

Male Endomorph - Male endomorphs are round, and typically shorter. High calorie burning ab exercises combined with a leg toning exercise works very well for this body type. Try reverse lunge and swing or squat thrust jumps, performed in a higher 15-20 rep range.

Female Endomorph – In contrast to the pear shape, female endomorphs are generally bigger on the top half of their bodies than on the bottom, and benefit more from heavier leg exercises at 6-8 reps, such as step-ups, combined with lighter torso exercises at 15-20 reps, like front plank taps.

This just scratches the surface, but will help you figure out how to get better legs and better abs for summer – based on your unique body type. If you want to learn more about body typing, go to GetFitGuy.com, where you can check out my new book, find insider tips, take the body type quiz, and learn how to work with your body, rather than against it.


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