How to Get Fit Like a Winter Olympian (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Get-Fit Guy's Winter Olympics series, you’ll learn how to get the legs of a ski jumper, the abs of a snowboarder, and the fitness of a hockey player.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #175

How to Get the Fitness of a Hockey Player

With its constant motion, its start-and-stop explosiveness, and its potent combination of speed and endurance, the game of hockey requires extremely high levels of fitness. Of course, when you’re getting this kind of fitness, you’re not only building better lungs and muscles with more stamina, but you’re also boosting your metabolism and accelerating fat burning.

One of my favorite ways to build fitness fast is called “Hurricane Workouts.” Now I can’t take the credit for inventing the quite appropriate name for these workouts. In fact, I discovered them through the writing of Martin Rooney- who trains Mixed Martial Artists (MMA) athletes around the world. Here’s how you do a Hurricane Workout:

  • Warm-up well.
  • Do a short treadmill sprint (choose a speed that is 3-5 miles per hour faster than your normal “jogging” speed and choose the maximum incline you can handle with good running form).
  • Immediately after your sprint, hop off the treadmill and do two back-to-back exercises.
  • Do another short treadmill sprint.
  • Continue this for a total of 9 times.

So, for example, your Hurricane Workout could be:

  • 9 30-second treadmill sprints at 8% incline and 8.0 miles per hour.
  • After sprints 1-3, do sit-ups and push-ups.
  • After sprints 4-6, do dumbbell overhead presses and dumbbell standing rows.
  • After sprints 7-9, do body weight squats and mountain climbers.

You get the idea. This style of training is brutal, but builds fitness with lightning speed. You could be strapping on your shoulder pads in Soch in no time flat (or at least huffing and puffing a bit less the next time your sprint up a flight of stairs).

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Snowboarder and hockey player images courtesy of Shutterstock.


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